The Official Cake of Summer 2016

June  7, 2016

Earlier this year, mad scientist Erin McDowell pie-ified 5 of our favorite desserts, giving us Mallomar Pie and Crème Brûlée Pie and shattering the false boundaries of what pie means.

And now, from this same brain, comes a dessert that reimagines the classic s'more as a teeteringly-tall layer cake.

First, you bake three rounds of a dense, toasty cake made from a mix of all-purpose and graham flours. The layers will rise and sink in the oven, leaving baby concave pools that you'll fill with milk chocolate ganache (or, for a simpler dessert, with whipped cream and fresh berries).

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Once the cavities are flooded with ganache, top them with homemade vanilla marshmallow, which will act as a deliciously sticky glue between the layers. On the very top layer, you'll pipe little blobs of the marshmallow, toast it with a kitchen torch, and drizzle on the remaining ganache.

Commit to the s'mores cake when you want the flavor—and nostalgia—of s'mores but you don't want to ask your guests to make their own desserts (maybe they're toddlers, maybe they're very refined), or when it's one of those rainy summer days when a bonfire is not a possibility.

And the combination of graham cracker, chocolate, and 'mallow doesn't end there!

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  • Tania
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    Taste of France
I used to work at Food52. I'm probably the person who picked all of the cookie dough out of the cookie dough ice cream.


Tania June 12, 2016
Cake layers look too thick. I would. Bake them off in four of five layers. More ganache and marshmallow. Yum!
Taste O. June 7, 2016
Too much marshmallow.
But crème brûlée pie sounds OK.