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1-Minute Microwaved Scrambled Eggs? Yes, You Can

March 29, 2017

I trust mrslarkin. If you've made her Cinnamon Scone Bread or her Mozzarella in Carrozza, so do you.

So I was optimistic—but still skeptical—when I saw her post on (Not)Recipes for a one-minute, single-serving scrambled egg made in the microwave. But there was proof!

Amazingly delicious, fluffy, quick and easy microwave scrambled egg.

In a 2 cup glass measuring cup, melt a small amount of butter (like a 1/8" pat). Add a splash of cream. Milk, half and half, or water will probably work. Add one large egg. Small pinch of salt. Beat well. Microwave on high for about 1 minute, stirring every 15 seconds (THIS IS IMPORTANT SO DO IT.) You can add some cheese for the last 15 seconds or so. It's the perfect size for a toasted English muffin, FYI.

Here's how she does it:

I'd read about other methods for micro-scrambling (that's the term, right?), but most use more eggs and ask you to stir less frequently. Mrslarkin's method is smart because you stir vigorously every 15 seconds—which prevents the eggs from cooking unevenly or becoming one big soufflé. In the words of mrslarkin herself...

I honestly didn't know there are other methods to do this. I kind of just transferred my same technique of scrambling in a pan to scrambling in the microwave: Melt butter, beat the egg with a little liquid, a dash of salt, and stir a lot. In the microwave version, I chose to stir vigorously because microwave cooking tends to have hot spots and some parts of whatever you cook always end up overcooked and some parts undercooked.

So obviously, I tried it immediately. My egg took only 45 seconds total, and I broke it up at the end instead of sliding it out of the ramekin as a perfect disk.

The final stir (left) and the plated egg (right). You can still see the roundness from the egg coddler.
Tasteful side egg (left) and not-so-tasteful egg underside (right).

The resulting egg could not be mistaken for a slow-scrambled fellow: no almost-wet curds; no really creamy factor. These eggs were of the fluffier and drier variety—still soft, but more of a pillow than a lake bottom; more of the air than of the sea. They reminded me of breakfast buffet or summer camp eggs—I think it's that they steam a bit in the microwave.

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You can make a hot breakfast in a sparse kitchen (like a hotel or dorm room) and only dirty one dish, and the result is forgiving and reliable (the same can't be said of microwave-poaching: "It's super tricky to achieve poached egg perfection in the microwave," says mrslarkin, "and I am a poached egg perfectionist").

And mrslarkin's right in her (Not)Recipes caption: Micro-scrambled eggs would be perfect on a sandwich. Their relative dryness means they won't run all over the place or sog up your bread and, if you don't break them up at the end, they'll come out of the microwave in a tidy little circle, great for an English muffin or a bagel. "You could probably cook this in a mug, and pin it to your things-to-microwave-in-a-mug Pinterest page. ;)" she added.

Yes, yes you could:

Would you—have you—cooked an egg in the microwave? Tell us about it in the comments below.

Because we're all in need of an extra-simple, 1-minute breakfast for rushed mornings, we're rerunning this microwave scrambled eggs recipe; it originally debuted on June 12, 2016.

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Myrna B. May 16, 2017
I came up with cooking my eggs in the microwave quite some time ago when I wanted to make a "McMuffin" type sandwich. It worked, I had never heard of anyone doing it prior. It makes it just the right size for an english muffin when cooked in a regular coffee cup or a small bowl for a slice of bread......the only way to cook eggs for me!
Irene B. May 16, 2017
I discovered this technique on the Dr Oz show a while ago and have been making it ever since. Butter a ramekin, crack and beat an egg, add cut up cherry tomatoes and spinach, salt, pepper and red pepper flakes. Cook for 27 seconds, stir , add shredded Mexican cheese and cook again for 27 seconds. Serve with toast and a slice of orange and it's a beautiful and delicious breakfast. Make it in the office too.
tamater S. May 16, 2017
I JUST finished a meal exactly as you described, made in a bowl. Only difference waster cheese, little scoops of imperial cheese that comes in those small red plastic tubs, from Costco. Soooo darned delicious!
Maria T. May 16, 2017
I have cooked/microwaved eggs for a long time. I love the easiness and the fact that there is not a pan to clean. Love this idea because when I'm running late for work, I can grab an egg (and any add-ins, if I chose) and make at work for either breakfast or lunch.
tamater S. April 2, 2017
Dear mrslarkin,
I'm lately, rather timidly, using my microwave more and more... even if I hide it from the friends who think it's terrible, if for no other reason than, "The further away you get from rubbing two sticks together, the worse it is." I've been doing a scientific study, you see, and figure my bachelor friends who don't cook with anything but a microwave, and those who "won't let one of those things darken my doorway" seem to have the same relative quality of life, and survival rate.
Today, since I had breakfast and cleaned up hours ago, and my husband was just wanting breakfast at the crack 0' noon, I tried your method. And he said, (without prompting, or even knowing I was doing it differently," this is the best scrambled egg I've ever had (Wha?!!!).
I greased the glass with bacon fat, since I'm trying to stretch out the butter till shopping day. Other than that, and pepper, everything else I did was as you exacted.
ty, mrslarkin
mrslarkin April 3, 2017
Yay! I'm so glad you tried it! And liked it! 😁
mrslarkin March 31, 2017
Fun! Sorry I missed this the first time around. I'm still making my scrambled-eggs-for-one this way, but have taken to adding cheese, scallions, jalapeño, onion, etc., for more excitement!
Heidi L. March 30, 2017
I can't remember the last time I scrambled eggs on the stove. The microwave is the way to go. Two eggs in a cereal bowl, a splash of water to make them light and fluffy, beat with a fork and nuke 30 seconds while you cut up some cheese and a little ham if you've got it. Add the cheese & ham, stir, nuke another 30 seconds. Stir and nuke another 30. Give a final stir. It might still be a little runny but will cook until done from its own heat and the hot bowl while you pour your coffee. Eat the eggs straight out of the bowl they cooked in.
Rita M. March 29, 2017
I put two eggs in a cup, a splash of milk or cream, salt, pepper, and finely minced onion or shallot (about 3/4 tsp). Add 1/2 in cube of butter. Microwave on full power for 40 sec. Stir well, add some grated cheese, and microwave again for 40 sec. Perfect.
HalfPint June 25, 2016
I actually poach an egg in the microwave in a mug. Using a method that I read about on The Kitchn. Crack an egg into a mug, cover egg with water, microwave at 80% power at 30 second increments until the egg is to your liking. Not practical for multiple servings but great at the office or when you're solo.
tamater S. April 2, 2017
Wow. That's neat to hear. I think it might be worth trying to do 3 - 4 eggs though, if using separate little glass bowls like I have, Pyrex, from the 50s. Will let you know if I can get it to work. Unless you've already tried that, in which case, I might forget about it?
tamater S. April 18, 2017
Tried it, worked fine.
Charles L. June 13, 2016
Thank you all for your comments on my microwave poached eggs. I now scramble my eggs in a fully buttered non stick sauce pan on medium heat. I'll either mix my eggs in a bowl adding salt, pepper and half and half. When the butter is completely melted, I'll add the egg mixture to the sauce pan and stir lightly with a wooden spoon until the eggs smooth and creamy, not quite fully cooked. Taken out of the pan, they continue to cook on a warm plate so I add shredded cheese on top and some salsa if desired. Sometimes, I'll just drop 3 or 4 whole eggs into the buttered sause plan, adding the salt, pepper and half and half, then stirring the mixture together, breaking up the yolks, with the wooden spoon and continuing to stir until the eggs reach the desired consistency.
Trevor June 13, 2016
Microwaved eggs are gross. They smell horrible. I feel bad for yous that eat them all time. I'll keep you in my prayers.
osanago June 13, 2016
I always do them in the microwave, secret is not to overcook, I find the egg keeps cooking after you take it out so usually take it out when a it is still a bit wet and it turns out perfect. I like making mine with gruyere cheese instead of butter & far prefer them done in the microwave as they are so fluffy.
I have microwaved a scrambled egg for YEARS (like 20) at my workplace. The trick is to add a tiny pat of butter to the mug or bowl and nuke it for 10 seconds or so. Beat the egg in another mug with a little salt and pepper, a splash of water, then add it to the buttered mug and nuke for about 45 seconds. Add some shredded cheese in the last 15 seconds or so if you want.
claire M. June 12, 2016
Microwaved eggs are a horrible childhood nightmare! Growing up we used to eat THE WORST tragic breakfast burritos with microwaved scrambled eggs, microwaved flour tortillas, colby cheese & Pace salsa. It's been nearly thirty years and I still hate flour tortillas. I remember scrambled microwaved eggs being watery and disgusting.
Lindsay-Jean H. June 12, 2016
It's been a long, long time since I've owned a microwave, but I used to love making a fluffy, hockey-pucked egg in a Pyrex measuring cup. Perhaps thanks to my grandmother, who used to make eggs for a crowd in her microwave, in a Pyrex bowl with multiple thick slices of Velveeta cheese added in.
Charles L. June 12, 2016
I've "poached" eggs in a microwave for years. Using a small shallow bowl, about 2 oz liquid capacity, grease it thoroughly with butter, Crack your egg into the bowl being careful not to break the yolk. I usually use jumbo eggs. Place the bowl in the microwave and cover the dish with a 3" transparent microwave cover lid to prevent any splatter if the egg gets too hot. This also helps the heat circulate around your egg. Then set the cook time to 54 seconds at power level 7. Now cook your egg. Comes out nice and soft, not runny. You can salt your egg before you put it in the microwave or after. I also have cooked 2 eggs in the microwave at the same time, each in its own bowl, using the same method as for one egg, but after cooking 54 seconds at power level 7, I let the eggs rest for about 15 seconds then do another round of 54 seconds at power level 7. Good eggs everytime. Remember that microwave heat is not the same in all appliances, so you might have to experiment a little to get your egg(s) exactly the way you like them. Enjoy!
Maurina R. June 12, 2016
I've done this for years. My mom was visiting, and yelled at me, insisting that the egg would explode all over the MW. It didn't, and she never forgot. Told all her friends.