10 Granola (& Granola-ish) Bars for Your Every Snacking Whim

August  3, 2016

Granola bars are so easy to love—pleasantly crumbly or chewy-fudgy, studded virtuously with dried fruit and toasty oats or less virtuously (but maybe more joyfully) with chocolate chips. But the store-bought ones are often super-sweet and almost always more expensive than it would be to make similar ones (even, dare we say, better ones) at home. Plus, when you take matters into your own hands, you can tailor the bars to your specific snacking preferences. And we think we've got one for anyone! Here are 10 snack bars to make at home:

If popcorn is your other snacking Achilles' heel:

If you need to have a snack packed in, oh, about half an hour:

If you're in it for the nuts:

If you're in it for the oats:

If you want to make a bar and clean out the pantry simultaneously:

If you're really looking for an opportunity to eat chocolate:

If you're looking for something that's part cereal, part muffin, part breakfast treat:

Describe the granola bar of your dreams (100 percent coconut? coated in chocolate—or yogurt?) in the comments.

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Donna D. August 19, 2016
These sound great. I will definitely be adding a couple of them to my repertoire of homemade granola bars......especially the popcorn one! I may tweak the vegan no-bake one just a smidge and toast the oats first :)