Our Latest App Contest: Your Best Tips, Tricks & Little Learnings

August 17, 2016

There are little things that you pick up along the way in the kitchen—small tricks and lessons that subtly change the way you cook. Things that make you feel brave and confident and curious and excited! These, says cookbook author Julia Turshen, are the small victories. They're what her cookbook, Small Victories, which comes out September 6th, is all about.

As Julia sees it, a small victory can be anything: In her recipe for Buttermilk and Pimentón Fried Chicken, there are four: a buttermilk soak that both provides flavor and tenderizes the chicken; a cornstarch dredge that makes for a super-crunchy crust; a shallow-frying technique that means less oil (and less mess); and a handy-dandy splatter screen that keeps the oil in the pot.

Next up: We want to see want your small victories look like. And we want you to show us on our (Not)Recipes app!

Here's how to do it:

  1. Sometime before August 31st, take a photo of a recipe or tool or trick that's made you a smarter cook.
  2. Post it to the (Not)Recipes app and tell us how you made it.
  3. Hashtag it #f52victories—and click through the hashtag on the app to see what other cooks are submitting.
  4. Share it on social media and encourage your friends to favorite it in the app! The app post with the most likes will win our a signed copy of Small Victories and a Staub French Oven. (Lucky!!!)

Need a little inspiration? See what else the community's posting to the app!

See what other Food52 readers are saying.

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Starmade August 23, 2016
I have an old samsung flip phone. I wouldn't use my own social media platforms in the way suggested either. So the win be as much about the way contestants are willing to use social media as the thing itself, even among those that have the right kind of phone.
pierino August 21, 2016
I think if you polled you just might discover that there are more contributors using Android phones than Apple phones. As to users, who knows.
Jessica E. August 17, 2016
Very disappointed that I wasted time reading this article, thinking of ideas for the contest, only to realize when it clicked through to the Apple Store that since I have an Android phone, I apparently don't matter. I can't believe you would launch a new app and contest that isn't available to both Android and Apple users. And I'm annoyed enough about wasting my time reading all this I may unsubscribe from all your content. Not well done Food52.
Negative N. August 17, 2016
This just in: Not everyone uses an Apple phone
BerryBaby August 17, 2016
Can we post them here? I don't have the ability to use apps.