To Make the Most of Watermelon Season, You'll Need a Blender

August 11, 2016

When BerryBaby turned to the Hotline recently to share a picture of a hot pink watermelon with a pretty pattern and ask, “What have you combined to make watermelon even better than it already is?”—we expected to hear about pairings with feta, mint, and sea salt. And we did (for good reason: They’re all great matches for melon!).

Plus, Rachel even shared a touching story for the sea salt and watermelon combo:

My grandfather used to take me out on motorcycle rides when I was a kid, sometimes, we'd only take a quick spin on the highway, and other times we'd go 50 miles just to go have an ice cream. No matter what though, we would always cut a big slice of watermelon to eat at my grandma's kitchen table afterward (usually with iced tea). He always put salt on his slice, but I just couldn't do it... had to be plain and ice cold.​

What we weren’t expecting were so many combinations that involved freezers, blenders, and yes, alcohol. Bottoms up:

  • Nancy: Make a slushy. And, some even poke a hole in the rind, add an immersion blender to liquefy the contents, add vodka, and serve at picnics, etc.

  • PHIL: Nancy, was going to suggest that but I talk about vodka too much already. And I think I would use tequila—watermelon margarita!

  • Niknud: I second the tequila suggestion! I recommend that you cube and freeze the watermelon (no ice! more booze!), then blend with lime juice, simple syrup, and tequila. After two, you may want to stand up and judge your level of inebriation before you reach for the third. They go down oh-so-smooth but pack a hell of a punch.​

  • Valhalla: I’ve been enjoying pureed watermelon with Leopold Bros. Aperitivo (similar to Campari but without the red dye).

Ready to join the watermelon party? Sip on one of these:

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hungrybruno August 11, 2016
I bought a gorgeous watermelon at a farmer's market and cut into it after dinner yesterday only to find that it is SO seedy it's actually hard to eat! I was thinking of blending it up, but the seeds are kinda soft so they're going to get blended, too... will they make it bitter or chalky? I'm so bummed about this melon, I really want to find a way to salvage it!
Valhalla August 11, 2016
The black seeds add a grittiness, and I do think they are a little bitter--sorry to say. I don't worry about a few but I try to pick most out.