Toasty Pound Cake, 2 Ways, To Serve For Breakfast and Dessert

November 17, 2016

Multipurpose recipes are welcome during the holidays, so we partnered with Wolf Gourmet to share—and show!—you how to make pound cake for breakfast and then serve it for dessert, too.

If you're like me while sketching up plans for big holiday meals, you generally get swept up in the romance of it all—you're going to go above and beyond this year, the hors d'oeuvres will look just right, the main course terrifically plated, the dessert unique but not too far afield. It's a regular symptom of blacking out after the stress of hosting and diving right back in when the chance presents itself again. There's no shame—own it.

I often put all my might into the savory portions of the menu, but that just so happens to be because I don't have a significant sweet tooth. So, when it comes to planning a dessert, I like to choose something that isn't a heavy lift, perhaps with a component or two I've made ahead of time that can easily be served at room temperature or chilled, like pound cake with ice cream and sauce.

Compote comes in many forms. Photo by James Ransom

But what's even better? If what I've made can be considered a two-fer, one to eat for breakfast on the day of (energy for the party ahead) or the day after (when I'm moving slowly)—say that same pound cake toasted and paired up with something more morning-worthy, like cozy compote that's as easy as a few stirs in the saucepan. And overnight guests will think it's ingenious at the breakfast table, or so I'll tell myself.

Wolf Gourmet's countertop appliances and kitchen tools, like their four-slice toaster and 10-piece cookware set, make professional and precise look easy—read more about both here.

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  • Laura415
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    Connor Bower
I love oysters and unfussy sandwiches.


Laura415 December 23, 2016
This sounds unique. To up the toasted qualities I may sub out the all the wheat flour for some other flavorful flours in addition to the ones listed. Blond teff and chestnut or maybe some fine ground oat flour, and almond flour, could give more nuttiness and makes the cake GF.
Connor B. November 17, 2016
Love this <3