The Most-asked Thanksgiving Questions (and Their Answers!)

November 23, 2016

In case you missed it on Monday, some of our editors were on Facebook live, kicking off our special Thanksgiving Hotline Hours and talking about the 5 most frequently asked questions that come up on the Hotline around Thanksgiving.

Perhaps one or two sound familiar to you?

1) My turkey weighs X pounds, how long do I need to cook it at Y° F?

Head here for the essential numbers.

2) Help! My turkey is still frozen, how do I thaw it NOW?

Deep breath: Here's how to speed thaw it.

3) All of the pie issues: shrinking crusts, soggy fillings, and more.

Not to worry, here's how to fix 10 common pie problems.

4) Can I make X, Y, or Z the day (or two) ahead of time?

Here are over a dozen make-ahead dishes, plus appetizers, desserts, breads and stuffings, and sauces and soups that can all be made right now.

5) Yikes, I need a quick fix!

We've got one too-spicy dishes, broken sauces, and overdone meat, right this way.

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That didn't cover it? We've got 99 Thanksgiving problems and solutions to every one:

If those still don't cover your conundrum, never fear, the Food52 team is here!

We're on call (this very minute!) over on the Hotline (as are some very special guests)—ask us your question right now!

Your Everything Guide to Thanksgiving
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Your Everything Guide to Thanksgiving

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