21 Marvelously Mushy Foods to Eat with a Spoon

Crunchy croutons, nutty toppings, and crispy-coated thises and roasted thats: We love texture as much as the next person. However, there's something about a big bowl of mush that tugs on our heartstrings (just ask our Managing Editor—hi, Kenzi!). Mushy has us reaching for our biggest spoons, and even writing haikus.

Mush is comforting in a way its firmer-textured friends aren't. It's forgiving, as overcooking mush is nearly impossible (it's mush, after all). It says, "What I lack in structure, I make up for in soothing stews, creamy porridges, and grains with just the right amount of bite to not have to bite at all."

Here are 21 recipes mushy recipes to ready your bowls for:

Tell us: What's your favorite eat-with-a-spoon dish?

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Merrill S. November 29, 2016
What do you think it says about me that three of these recipes are mine? ;) Thanks for the additional inspiration, Riddley!