30 Desserts for Almond Nuts (...Get It?)

January 11, 2017

In her search for sweets for her forthcoming book Genius Desserts, our Creative Director Kristen Miglore has come across two little, really-not-so-bad problems: too many chocolate cakes (see one, two, three) and too many almond desserts (like this, that, and the other).

Whether used whole, blanched, slivered, sliced, or toasted and whether pulverized into flour, paste, or butter, almonds just make desserts that are too good. After all, Kristen's entire cookbook can't be chocolate cakes and almond desserts (even if I'd buy five copies).

But, ha! This article has no such restrictions! So we give you 30 desserts that use almonds, almond flour, almond paste, or almond butter. (And many have almond extract, too.) Go ahead and call us nuts...





What's your favorite nut to use in baking? (Just don't say Brazil nuts. Kidding, kidding.) Tell us in the comments.

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