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A Week's Worth of Dinners That Use Granola (Well, Savory Granola)

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Granola for dinner? No, we're not crazy. Our sweet tooth hasn't left us deranged, eating sugary clumps and clusters on top of salads, roasted vegetables, or roast chicken (we'll stop this now).

The kind of granola we're referring to is savory, spiced with curry paste, Sriracha, tamari, and garlic powder. It prefers a bed of carrots and greens to fruity yogurt. It's only a touch sweet, with flavors more assertive than your average crouton or breadcrumb. (And we like flavor.)

A sprinkle of the savory granola here and there will add a bit of crunch, spiciness, saltiness, and, yes, sweetness (but in a good way!) to your week's worth of meals.

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So, make a batch of savory granola at the beginning of the week...

...and use it throughout the week on top of or tossed into the following:

  • Roasted vegetables. You can start with this handy guide for roasting any vegetable in 4 (count 'em!) steps. Top with savory granola.

  • Soup. Make some sort of puréed vegetable soup. You want something creamy enough that the heftier savory granola won't just sink to the bottom.

  • Sesame noodles. Toss sesame noodles with a heaping handful or two of savory granola. Top with more granola.

  • Salad. Take your favorite green salad (we have a lot, but this one has a spicy peanut dressing) and toss in and top with savory granola

  • Yogurt. For a very easy breakfast, lunch, or, hey, dinner, top yogurt with savory granola and a drizzle of olive or sesame oil. We imagine you've done something like this before.

  • Toast. Spread peanut butter onto toast and top with savory granola, a drizzle of Sriracha, and chopped cilantro. The granola would also be at home on avocado toast.

  • Fruit salad! Sprinkle the savory granola on top of fruit salad, like this wintry one with citrus and zingy lime zyrup.

Tell us: How would you use savory granola (besides eating it by the handful)?

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