The Foods We Love So Much We Wanna Marry 'Em

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The Foods We Love So Much We Wanna Marry 'Em

February 14, 2017

The following foods were declared marriage material by (ravenous, polygamous) Food52 employees:

Now tell us in the comments: Which food(s) would you like to hitch your wagon to forever?

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  • CT
  • Connor Bower
    Connor Bower
  • erin
  • Emily Butler
    Emily Butler
  • HalfPint
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CT July 3, 2019
Duh! Bacon!!!
Connor B. February 14, 2017
I genuinely thought my dumpling submission would be unique. Glad to be surrounded by like-minded individuals.
erin February 14, 2017
Spaghetti aglio e olio, or 'midnight spaghetti' as my (other) husband and I call it. It's the first thing I ever cooked for him (late at night, hence the nickname), I ate it at least once a week before I knew him and almost as often now. That slither of spicy, oily, parsley-flecked strand between lips is the sexiest, best thing in the food world.
Emily B. February 14, 2017
Vegemite (at the right toast-to-butter-to-Vegemite ratio), but... I'm weird.
HalfPint February 14, 2017
A French baguette
Ali W. February 14, 2017
Avocado, eggs and hummus, all day, errrrrday.