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21 Vegetarian Dishes for When Cooking Doesn't Fit In Your Agenda

March  3, 2017

On the most frantic, things-flying-through-the-air days, I make careful hour-by-hour to-do lists. But no matter how detailed they are, I often forget to take into account that I have to feed myself. And if I want to cook, cooking takes time—as does getting groceries, and scrubbing dishes. Petition to add a few hours to the day, please.

When I feel like I can't squeeze another activity into a packed schedule, these are the meals I turn to. They're not as zero-cooking as going to the hot food bar at the grocery store or picking up take-out, but they're fairly fast, fairly hands-off, and—relative to time and effort—disproportionately delicious.

(And in case of true dinner emergencies, there's always this.)

Speak to us! What's your go-to vegetarian dinner when elaborate cooking is not on your agenda?

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1 Comment

BerryBaby March 4, 2017
I made this tonight a Wedge Salad. Chill the plates while constructing the salad, chopped tomatoes, sunflower seeds, I like Lighthouse Ranch (didn't feel like making my own), crisped up thick Applewood bacon crumbles (optional). Had prepped the Iceberg an hour earlier so it was nice and crisp. I know leaf lettuce is healthier but wasn't what we wanted. It's fadt, crispy and delicious. Popped two breadsticks in the oven and brushed with garlic butter. Perfect meal with no fuss.