9 Simple Breakfasts That Won't Give You a Sugar Rush

June  6, 2017

Everyone can fall into a breakfast rut. We partnered with siggi's to give your breakfasts a boost while keeping things simple.

My own breakfast go-to? It jumps back and forth: green smoothies when I feel like it’s been awhile since green-anything made an appearance on my plate, a bowl of yogurt buried beneath a heap of fruit or compote, a pain au chocolat from my neighborhood bakery when I need a pain au chocolat. I wouldn’t enjoy any one without the others (I’m not the sort of person who can eat the same thing for breakfast every day), but admittedly the pain au chocolat is the one that makes my heart leap up—from joy, yes, but also because my bakery of choice is extremely generous with the chocolate, which makes me sugar-wiggle all morning long.

Here are a few breakfast ideas to add to your regular rotation that won’t give you the jitters. Most are quick or make-ahead, all have little to no added sugar, and all are thoroughly recommended:

The Sweet

Muesli, the Swiss standard, and their little sisters overnight oats and chia pudding, are creamy, spectacularly mushy, and utterly comforting. Fold in fresh fruit, coconut shreddies, nuts and seeds, fruit juice, yogurt, milk or alt-milk. Go to bed. Wake up to breakfast.

With a crust that’s just nuts and a tablespoon of honey, and a filling that’s straight-up yogurt, you’ve got a super-high protein, super-low sugar breakfast that’ll keep you going for a while. And you could easily switch up the yogurt (vanilla? fruity?) and the fruit depending on which way the wind’s blowing.

Bet you have all the ingredients (all 6 of them) for these in your pantry. Bet you can’t eat just one! Bet you’ll make a batch next week, too, and another one to stash in your desk drawer.

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A big bowl of yogurt with fruit will never do you wrong. It’s my all-time-fave portable breakfast—just stick everything in a jar and off you go. Don’t forget big, hunky granola clumps—or toasty grains like quinoa, Amanda Hesser-style—over the top.

Two! Ingredient! Banana! Pancakes! That’s all there is to say about that.

The Savory

Eat it hot. Eat it cold. Eat it in a sandwich. Eat it for breakfast and lunch. Put your leftovers in it! Are you pulling the eggs out of the fridge yet?

They’re ready in 20 minutes. Twenty! That includes prep time! Oh, and there are just 5 ingredients.

Scrambled eggs are, of course, a forever favorite—but a spoonful of thick yogurt stirred in just as you’re taking them off the heat will make them even creamier and add a nice tang, too. (Gordon Ramsay does this with crème fraîche. Choose your own adventure.)

Your eggs (poached, as above, or a weekday-friendlier fried) want to snuggle into a bowl of yogurt. These ones are kicked up with walnuts and chile—but a heavy sprinkle of roughly chopped herbs (and/or a splatter of hot sauce or olive oil) would be really lovely, too.

For the person who likes to linger over the paper at breakfast, even on weekdays: Make a batch of shakshuka on Sunday to carry you through the week, but fry (or soft-boil) an egg while your coffee brews every morning. Finish with a swirl of yogurt and a hit of parsley or mint or dill or all three, if you like.

Something as simple as yogurt can change everything when it comes to cooking. In partnership with siggi's, makers of simple, traditional Icelandic skyr (made without much sugar, too), we're thrilled to launch a series recipes, stories, and videos dedicated to the things we eat that make us feel good. Stay tuned for more, and let us know what you'd like to see.

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