19 Tomato Salads You've Been Waiting For Since January

July 14, 2017

Ever since May turned to June, I've noticed a sort of hush at the farmers market—a near-bursting quiet, the type that sweeps over an audience when the lights lower but the curtain has not yet lifted. It's the anticipation of the main event. And in this case, that main event is tomatoes.

The East Coast has already seen asparagus and peas, plums and peaches (we have a lot to be grateful for), but still, the market-goers seem to give each other questioning eyes: Are the tomatoes here yet?

We don't have much longer to go! And lots of you probably already have your hands on these celebrity fruits. (I'm jealous.) The first thing I'll do when I get a great one? Cut it large chunks, drizzle it with olive oil, sprinkle it with salt, eat in 5 minutes flat.

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Next up: Any of these 19 tomato salads.

Tomatoes, front and center:

Tomatoes, with a little help from some friends:

Tomatoes, with lots of help from cheese or butter:

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judy July 15, 2017
Yep we wait for tomatoes. And whenever possible we grow them in or gardens, even if it is only one or two pots on a small apartment patio. And lemon cucumber...