13 Salsa Recipes Because Homemade Is Worth It

July 19, 2017

Say what you will about the probably-not-very-authentic Mexican restaurants of the world, they have the right idea when it comes to chips and salsa: unlimited. Ten times out of ten, I fill up on salty tortilla chips and salsa of varying quality before receiving my personal sizzling fajita griddle. I swear I’ll reform every time, but salsa is just one of those things that disappears.

Thankfully, salsa is stupidly easy to make. Whether you’re hosting a summer get-together or simply inhaling chips and dip at a Netflix party of one, we have 13 recipes—plus some amazing salsa-filled dishes—to keep you refilling that bowl.

The Tried and true

Some Sweet Heat

Playing with fire

Don't forget the chips!

What do you wish served unlimited refills? (Any queso lovers out there?)

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cosmiccook July 23, 2017
Couldn't for the world think of or get excited with dinner ideas for the next few weeks--but after looking at all these wonderful recipes I'm good to go! The hardest part now is to figure out which ones to make first!