The Best Ice Cream Truck Treats—According To You!

July 24, 2017

Odysseus had his sirens, the children of Hamelin, the Pied Piper, and DJs, the Macarena. Some songs are simply irresistible.

But perhaps the strongest pull of all comes from the joyful jingle of the ice cream truck. As the boxy vehicles slowly roll down the street, children and adults alike eagerly line up. From King Cones to Fudgesicles and Strawberry Shortcake bars, everyone has their favorite.

A recent conversation in the office sparked a heated debate about the best frozen treat. Curious to know what our community enjoys, we asked which popsicles, cones, or ice cream sandwich reigns supreme.

The ever-dependable ice cream sandwich was the crowd favorite, with more than 13 percent of the vote! Close behind were Choco Tacos, Chipwiches, and the luxurious Magnum bar.

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Instead of waiting for the temptation of a cheery song, we have 14 frozen treats that are just as good as the ice cream truck.

The Classic Ice Cream Sandwich

Tacos for Dessert

Better than a chipwich

(Ice) Pop It Like It's Hot

For more ice cream recipes, tips, and saves for when things go awry, check out Ice Cream & Friends, our cookbook dedicated to ice cream and all its pals: pops, gelato, milkshakes—sprinkles, cones, and so much more.

What is your favorite ice cream truck treat? Any local frozen desserts you can't resist in the summer?

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MarieGlobetrotter July 26, 2017
Culturally, this is an interesting polls because these choices are very American. I grew with ice cream trucks in France, Belgium and Germany, and our choices were very different. First, a lot of the trucks offered ice cream by the scoop/. gelato-style desserts. Second, if they didn't then you had things like Magnum, Carte d'Or individual jars, Solero and Cornettos. Nice to see what ice cream trucks sell in different countries.
BerryBaby July 24, 2017
Anything Good Humor! When we were kids, Bill, the Good Humor man, came around everyday. We'd hear the cha-ching of the bells and then go running home for a dime and sometimes find a quarter in the couch (coins from our dad's pocket). Bill would stop the truck and wait for all of us. He wore a white outfit, hat and had a coin changer on his belt. My favorites were Chocolate Cake bar a quarter and the Orange
Raspberry bar which was a dime.
One of the best memories of a summer day.