The 3-Ingredient Egg Snack I'd Happily Eat Every Hour of Every Day

August  4, 2017

I was recently served a bafflingly delicious plate of hard-boiled eggs: Sliced in half and covered in a thin reddish sauce, they were creamy, spicy, and addictive, yet humble, too.

When I asked Kenzi Wilbur what exactly was in the topping that made the eggs so special (was it pimentón aioli? some sort of hollandaise?), she told me that it was a mere smear of mayonnaise—an idea she thinks she picked up from Canal House—loosened with a glug of hot sauce, the two melting together under the summer heat.

These were, in other words, the absolute laziest version of deviled eggs. Mayo plus hot sauce plus egg equals magic, so there's no scooping or scraping or food processing or, heaven forbid, piping necessary.

You can improve your hard-boiled eggs without going so far as to devil them. Photo by Julia Gartland

While I felt a little silly to have fawned over such simple eggs, I was floored by the simplicity of it all—how the addition of two ingredients could roll a regular hard-cooked egg right into the territory of presentable entertaining hors d'oeuvre (and conceal any chalky yolks or rubbery whites, at that).

See ya never.
What You'll Soon Say to Plain Hard-Boiled Eggs

Need I walk you through making them? Hard-cook eggs in any way that works for you. (Since my stove is broken, I've called upon the Instant Pot, which grants me, like an appliance genie, perfectly-cooked, easily-peeled eggs every time.) Peel 'em (it doesn't have to be a struggle!), split 'em, then add a swipe or spoonful of mayonnaise and a drop (or more) of your favorite hot sauce. If you're up for it, sprinkle the eggs with S&P and snip over some herbs.

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Taste one and you may have a hard time returning to unadorned eggs ever again. (Consider this your warning. And also your reminder to buy—or make—more mayo.)

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“Uhhhhh...I wonder if this will be just as delicious if I cooked my eggs yesterday and serve them cold? Are they better warm?”
— Nancy

Whether you present these as lazy-as-can-be deviled eggs or as modernist interpretations of egg salad? Well, let that be determined by how snooty you (or your guests) are feeling that day.

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How do you spiff up a hard-boiled egg? Tell us in the comments.

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I used to work at Food52. I'm probably the person who picked all of the cookie dough out of the cookie dough ice cream.


Karla W. October 16, 2017
This is one of my favorite easy breakfasts or snacks (I halve the egg and put some mayo and spices between the halves and throw it in a plastic bag for work), but with mayo and salt, pepper, and curry powder!
steve October 13, 2017
I do the same... But a a slice of pickle on top... Lazy and fast
Lori October 13, 2017
They were a hit at our lake end of the season picnic!!!
marilyn Y. October 13, 2017
good softened butter OR japanese mayo + s&p
Kathi P. August 21, 2017
Wow! I don't know why it took me so long to try this, but I'm definitely going to be doing it again and again and again ... Thanks!!!
Nancy August 13, 2017
Ok, I have now made this. What is going on??? Someone please tell me why this is so freaking, amazing delicious!! Gah I could eat these every day!
Tisha W. August 13, 2017
I usually eat t my eggs cold. Delicious .
Nancy August 13, 2017
Uhhhhh...I wonder if this will be just as delicious if I cooked my eggs yesterday and serve them cold? Are they better warm?
Sarah J. August 13, 2017
It's honestly delicious any way you slice it ;) Maybe bring the eggs to room temperature first and gently warm the mayo. Are your eggs already peeled?
Nancy August 13, 2017
Wow thanks for the instant reply! No not peeled yet. I want to serve them later today. Do you have an idea?
Sarah J. August 13, 2017
I would just bring them to room temperature—it'll be delicious. You could also peel them and put them in a bowl of warm water—that should warm them slightly!
Nancy August 13, 2017
This sounds perfect! Thanks again for the help!
D W. August 12, 2017
I added a bit of salt, loads of freshly ground pepper and several shakes of hot sauce to some mayo. Stirred well then dolloped it on HBEs cut into quarters. I sprinkled each one with minced chives which gave it just the bit of texture I prefer. They were pretty enough to serve to guests and since the egg quarters are bite sized there's no mess.
Linda M. August 11, 2017
I sprinkle halves with Trader Joe's everything but the bagel mix.
Mark K. August 11, 2017
Where is the recipe?
M August 12, 2017
No recipe necessary, Mark: just cut the egg in half, add a smear of mayo, dash on some hot sauce. Voila!
Mark K. August 12, 2017
Oh!!!! Thanks
Words W. August 11, 2017
I also love a little dollop of hummus and hot sauce.
Rachel S. August 11, 2017
I've been doing this for decades. Simple and delicious.
Nina C. August 11, 2017
I just bought this amazing chipotle-lime mayonnaise. Will dollop some on some HBE. Thanks for the tip!
jane.pilcher1 August 11, 2017
Just YUM!!
Sandi August 16, 2017
Chipotle Lime Mayo?! Who makes this delicious-sounding concoction? 😋
Nina W. August 16, 2017
Primal Kitchen. :) Best price I've found is online at Thrive Market.
Tisha W. August 11, 2017
This was my breakfast this morning. I wanted something like a deviled egg but not the time to fix. . Mayo and Sriracha. Then I opened my Food52 email and saw this article, surprised.
Steven August 11, 2017
Please note that adverbs should never be hyphenated to the adjectives they modify. Therefore "perfectly-cooked, easily-peeled eggs" is incorrectly hyphenated. Steven! (Proofreader.)
martha1108 August 11, 2017
Eileen August 11, 2017
I love learning this stuff. It matters.
Allison C. August 12, 2017
Yep, you are correct Steven! I am a grammar and spelling nut so that bothered me too.
pamire August 16, 2017
Another grammar stickler here. Steven, you're right in this case. But I've always thought that the rule was that you don't use a hyphen in such instances after "ly" - we do hyphenate "half-baked", where "half" is a modifier... Love this recipe, too, by the way.
Adrian S. August 11, 2017
I do tartar sauce and hot sauce. Amazing
Amy V. August 11, 2017
Is it better to combine hot sauce & mayo then top eggs?
sspag August 11, 2017
sewold August 11, 2017
I'd eat HBE any way they're served but this sounds interesting. I'd probably mix the sauce & mayo because I'm afraid of trying to add just one drop to the egg half - and more would overpower the egg. My go-to for carry-in dinner is deviled eggs. One of the easiest to make and I never bring any home.
Lori August 11, 2017