Spend a Month at Tartine Bakery—Without Leaving Your Kitchen

August 31, 2017

Even if you’ve never been to San Fransisco, you’ve likely heard of Tartine Bakery, the beginning of the dynasty created by the husband and wife team, Liz Prueitt and Chad Robertson. Between them, they have four cookbooks, and they’ve expanded beyond the original bakery to add Tartine Manufactory, a bakery and all-day eatery, and Tartine Cookies & Cream, a frozen desserts shop within the Manufactory.

All this month though, our Baking Club is going back to the beginning: we will be making our way through Chad and Liz’s first book, Tartine, and hope you'll join us. Not to worry if you don't have her book on hand yet, we've got some of their recipes to get you started, below.

Psst - Didn’t know about our Baking Club? Head here to get up to speed on how to participate.

Note: These recipes from Chad and Liz don't come from Tartine, our book of the month, but since we're sharing them here, they can also be considered fair game for sharing in the Facebook group.

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(If you're curious, the Oat Porridge Bread and Apple Walnut Tea Cake come from Tartine Book No. 3 and the Greenest Goddess Dressing and Dip comes from Tartine All Day.)

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Pat E. September 1, 2017
Sorry to be dense but I am trying to find "files" to read about the "Baking Club" as directed...but can't find "files". I'm using an iPad if that makes a difference. TIA for any assistance.
Lindsay-Jean H. September 1, 2017
You're not being dense, for some reason, I'm only able to make the link work if I have it open in a new tab, here it is directly: And hope you'll join us if you haven't already!
Stephanie B. August 31, 2017
Oh yay I already have this book!