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Spend October Immersed in a Fresh Take on Indian Cuisine

October  6, 2017

Meera Sodha is known for her fresh take on Indian food (hence the title of her second book). This week, our Cookbook Club has already been diving into her first cookbook, Made in India. We'll be cooking through it all through October, and hope you'll join us.

We know everyone might not have the book quite yet, but we can almost guarantee you're going to want to pick it up, based on what Club members have been saying about it:

“Although I've eaten it, I've never been much of a fan of most Indian dishes, but I'm a huge fan of Made in India! The flavors are much lighter, fresher, and more nuanced than what I became accustomed to in Indian restaurants.” — Lorne Wald

"I have a number of Indian cookbooks already, so I was going to take a pass this month. One day (!!) of posts, and it’s on its way.” — Jocelyn Grayson

In the meantime, while you wait for your copy to arrive, we've rounded up 8 of Sodha's recipes to get you started:

Note: Not all of these recipes of Sodha's can be found in Made in India, our book of the month, but since we're sharing them here, they can also be considered fair game for sharing in the Facebook group.

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Emily October 7, 2017
I have both of Meera Sodha's beautiful books and my family hasn't found a recipe of hers we don't love! Quite a few have become weeknight favorites. We loved Made In India so much that we ordered Fresh India from the U.K.!