36 Creamy, Dreamy Soups to Choose From for the Holidays

November 20, 2017

The holidays would benefit from a playbook, wouldn't they? We partnered with Braun Household to arm you with resources for cooking like you wrote it yourself, with a little help from their MultiQuick 9 Hand Blender whose ACTIVEblade technology makes intimidating tasks a cinch.

Silky smooth soups—whether built on cream, creamy vegetables, or good ol' cheese and butter—satisfy some tucked-away void in the pit of my stomach. Whether simple or complex, made with a handful of simple ingredients or a million layered flavors, all it takes to remind me of their unending comfort is a simple reminder spoonful. And then, the deluge: Soup all season long, please. Give me the hearty, the brothy, the thick, the thin.

The creamiest, dreamiest bean soup. Photo by Bobbi Lin

But to hit the holiday trifecta—big-batch, approachable in the kitchen, and lovely presentation—there's one way above the rest: a velvety, zipped-smooth soup with a simple-yet-fanciful garnish on top. The fastest, easiest way to soup heaven is a hand blender, especially since this allows me to blend right in the pot. Whether I want my soup to be silky smooth or still have a touch of texture, using a hand blender is not only the least messy way to soup up soup, but it also allows me easily control its consistency. And then I can focus on my toppings: Be it as singular as an herb sprig or as involved as a pesto or infused oil, a little something that adds aroma, flavor, and color is key.

Every time I skim the internet for a new recipe or search for one that includes ingredients I'm craving or seeing at the market, I tend to get overwhelmed—it's so hard to know what to choose! There are just oodles of recipes, even here on Food52. So we're sharing our favorites right here to cut down on your search.

Light and Bright

Cauliflower and Carrots

A Meaty Backbone

Trusty Tomato

Calling all Butternuts

Po-Tay-To, Po-Tah-To

Go, Go Greens

We partnered with Braun Household to arm you with resources for cooking during the holidays, from the simple to the complex, with a little help from their MultiQuick 9 Hand Blender.

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