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Our Food52 Buying Team's Favorite Holiday Gift Picks

November 24, 2017

When shopping is your actual profession, you know a thing or two about the best products out there. And for the Food52 buying team, whose job is to bring in the most beautiful and functional wares in the kitchen and home space to our Shop, they know a whole lot. They are a veritable treasure trove of information, and this editor just loves picking their brains about what they're going gaga over at any given moment. Lucky for us, they have no shortage of great picks to share with us for the holidays. More below!

Jojo Feld, Director, Buying & Product Development

My favorite goody in the Food52 Shop this holiday season is the new single bottle style of the Monti Decanter. Even though I've seen this under-7-inch beauty work its magic around the office for months, I still can't believe it fits a whole bottle of wine. For only $65, I will be buying this modern crystal decanter for myself and gifting one to everyone I know.

From left to right; top row to bottom row:

I'm also grabbing these beans for my dad. My parents moved to a remote town in North Carolina a few years ago, and it's been a challenge finding great coffee in the local stores. My dad loves a bold, flavorful brew; he will have some great December mornings with this Stumptown treat!

Also on my list are a bunch of Seedlip bottles—and Food52 Seedlip recipes—for my many pregnant friends so they're covered for every holiday cocktail party the season brings.

The Louise vase is the perfect gift for just about anyone. And the small is only $35. I'll be getting these for my teammates at work and filling each one with a seasonal desk-sized bouquet from the flower market.

My best friend is moving into a new apartment December 1st; I'm gonna get her all three of these new Food52 x Farmhouse Pottery Vermont-inspired scents so it always smells cozy and fresh and inviting in her new digs.

Kristina Wasserman, Buyer & Shop Merchandising Manager

I usually get my twin younger brothers cookware or knives. I know it's something they don't invest in themselves, but truly appreciate. They are a few years out of college, so I know they are still building their kitchens and like that I can help with that. These Staub rice cookers are the perfect cast iron small pot to have around if you're single or a couple. They are so practical and also great for small tasks: boiling eggs, heating up leftovers, etc. I just got one and it's probably my most used piece.

From left to right:

I own these bowls and am obsessed with them. I always love giving things I've used and tested myself, because I know just how much the recipient will love them too (hopefully)! They're really practical, but also really unique, so I know most of my friends and family won't have anything like them.

This half wreath is going to be my go-to host gift this season. It's adorable and smells amazing because of the eucalyptus. It's also from a family-owned farm in Monterey County, California―where I grew up!―so it has meaning for me in that way, too.

Casey Simring, Assistant Buyer

Spoiler alert! Everyone is getting a set of these grinders this year. Their modern edge makes them perfect for any tabletop. They would look at home next to the holiday roast, as well as Sunday breakfast. It's hard to find a product that has both looks and function, but these grinders seal the deal.

From left to right:

Like a good cast iron pan, your favorite salad bowl only gets better with age. It doesn't hurt that these babies are easy on the eyes, too. Whether they are holding this season's apple bounty or serving up a massive salad for my Sunday night family dinners, this is my go-to bowl for just about anything.

Growing up, my mother would always have me smell all the spices while she cooked; we used to play games to guess the spice. This is an especially fun game with La Boîte spice blends, which combine exotic, aromatic spices in the most interesting (and tasty) ways. I love experimenting with the flavors and enhancing an otherwise boring dish. This set makes the perfect hostess gift because you benefit from the results!

Jackson Fust, Assistant Buyer

From left to right:

I'm always trying to deck out my parents' kitchen with beautiful and functional items (selfishly, since I do a lot of cooking whenever I visit). In the past, I've set them up with some great knives and kitchen tools, so it feels like this is a great year for new cookware. This handsome roaster is made in Charlottesville, Virginia, right over the mountain from where they live, so it feels especially perfect for them.

My boyfriend and I have slowly been upgrading our linens after our most recent move. He bought me some beautiful sheets for my birthday back in May, so it seems right that I should gift him some wonderful towels for Christmas. These Japanese towels come in a great deep grey that complements the rest of our apartment, and I love how the little textured nubs feel when drying off.

What are you eyeing from the Shop this season? Be sure to share them with us by tagging #f52home.

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