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18 Mighty Green Dishes to Brighten Up The Holidays

December  4, 2017

The holidays are a time for measured gluttony, for over-the-top dishes, and many, many carbohydrates. It's a time for drinking a bit too much punch and maybe overdoing it on the nut mixes. It's a time for eggnog and pies on pies on pies.

And who would have it any other way! The holidays cry out for indulgence, for cream, for cocktails, and friends and family and festivities. But, as with all good things, sometimes you need a break. Greens will help to offset the onslaught of heavy carbohydrates, meaty mains, and things with cheesy lids. Think of them as a palate cleanser between feasts, a reset for your body. So when the holiday indulgences are feeling like a bit too much, turn to versatile, vivacious greens. Whip up a zippy, crunchy salad, a soothing, broth-y soup or a verdant frittata—then get back to that eggnog.

Get Souped Up

salads with bite

Other Green-y Goodness

What's your favorite way to get some green in your winter holiday diet? Share your inspiration in the comments.

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MA December 10, 2017
Great timing for all the recipes for greens. I will definitely be trying some of them.