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30-Minute Meals to Ease You Back Into the Kitchen

November 27, 2017

Sure, the guests are gone, and you’ve made a dent in the leftovers. But (if you’re like me) things aren’t entirely back to normal. Cooking post-T-Day is a little intimidating. Less than a week ago, we were all hovering over turkey, mashing potatoes, and sprinkling casseroles with breadcrumbs. I need a minute to catch my breath before firing up the oven.

In order to ease myself back into the kitchen, I need approachable, no-fuss meals. Ones that I can start and eat within 30 minutes—preferably with minimal cleanup. If you’re looking for inspiration, here are 19 speedy dishes that you can enjoy in half an hour.

Stick A fork in it

Simple Spoonfuls

You Can Handle It

What are your favorite meals to ease you back into the kitchen post-holiday? Tell us your go-tos below!

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