14 One-Pot Dinners For Harried Holidays (Or Any Day)

December  5, 2017

I don’t know about you, but between organizing goodies for my Holiday Swapee and baking batches of granola for snackable gifts (look away, friends!), there isn’t too much room on my kitchen counter. I try to stay organized, but inevitably I’ll stir my cookie dough with the soup spatula. Such is the seasonal chaos of my holiday workshop.

In an effort to reduce clutter (and washing), I’m looking to those one-pot wonders we all know and love. I’ll let pots of chili simmer and pans stuffed with cabbage bake until bronzed. If I’m hungry and harried after work (likely), I can bake eggs in a wintery kale sauce or give an all-in-one sheet pan dinner a go. If you’re also looking for streamlined dinners to cut back on the holiday hustle and bustle, here are 14 meals to try.

Tell us your tricks for keeping a tidy kitchen during the holidays below!

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