The Recipe You Loved Most in 2017

December 27, 2017

2017 was a banner year for recipes on our site. There was a crunchy sheet pan salad and a one-pot pasta. There was a dead-simple yogurt cake and a crowd-pleasing pound cake and lots and lots of laminated dough. There was an influx of things made in the the instant pot.

But out of all of our most-loved recipes, sweet and savory, there was one that had the most views of any on our site. Can you guess? Hint: It's genius, it's crazy simple, and it's chicken (surprise, surprise).

Drumroll, please...

Replace that rosé with red wine and you've got a winter meal. Photo by Julia Gartland

The most-viewed recipe of 2017 was Jamie Oliver's Tender & Crisp Chicken Legs with Sweet Tomatoes & Basil! It's not hard to figure out why this cozy dish earned the most views of the year (130,702 times and counting!); it's easy to pull together, impressive enough for company, and makes excellent leftovers. Plus, it's incredibly versatile.

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This is chiefly a "summer" recipe (hi, tomatoes and basil), but it's easily adaptable to fit into your winter lineup. Substitute canned tomatoes for fresh, and swap basil for woodier, cooler-weather herbs like rosemary, thyme, or sage. The technique will still the same (and just as simple)—season chicken, cover with tomatoes, herbs, and garlic, braise until absurdly tender—and so will the results: fall-apart, deeply flavored meat that goes perfectly with crusty bread, cannelini beans, or boiled potatoes—or all three.

What was your favorite recipe of 2017? Reminisce in the comments section!

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zoemetro U. December 28, 2017
I am saddened that the most-loved recipe for 2017 is from a celebrity chef AND NOT from a Food 52er’s competition submission. :-((
Lynn M. December 28, 2017
Jamie Oliver is a good celebrity chef...not all full of himself with attitude. Real simple, garden to table, good for you kind of chef. Helps straighten out inner city school menus here in Chicago. Good heart. It's ok..