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How to Turn One Chicken Into A Week of Meals

January  3, 2018

Let me break this down for you: buying (and taking apart) a whole chicken is well worth the extra time and effort. By divvying up a chicken into thighs, wings, and breasts (and putting those wonderful leftover bones and skin to use) you will be rewarded with a week of abundant dinners. Use the breasts for creamy curries, turn drumsticks into speedy sheet-pan meals, or braise the thighs in cast iron for a perfect, crispy sear.

Worried about breaking down a raw chicken? Don’t be. It isn’t nearly as scary as you think—just grab a sharp knife and review this guide for a boost of kitchen confidence:

Using this method will leave you with two bone-in legs and thighs, two full wings, and two boneless breasts. Now that you know how to break down your chicken, here are some inspirations for how to cook each cut:

Thighs & Drumsticks



All those wonderful leftover parts

Do you break down your chicken dinners? What's your winning technique? Share in the comments!

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megaronios December 30, 2018
Website issue: I can’t pin these recipes. For this particular article I keep getting the error message “site doesn’t allow to pin” and for the individual recipes, all it does is pin the products you’re selling. This happens a lot which is disappointing since I really love your recipes but don’t want to search the site as I often can’t remember the name. It’s easier to find by my filing system on Pinterest, which makes me more inclined to use it. Otherwise, love what you’re doing!
Rachelwrites January 3, 2018
I think this is a wonderful idea. However, I'd love to see an instructional article on how to make a certain set of meals instead of just ideas.
AntoniaJames January 9, 2018
Rachelwrites, I did a quick search in articles for "chicken all week." Among the results are these four pieces, which you may find helpful: