27 Brothy Soups for When You're Under the Weather

January 31, 2018

Every time I come down with a cold or flu or nasty something-or-other, I want to eat one thing, and one thing only: hot, brothy soup. Be it a big bowl of spicy laksa topped with a generous squeeze of lime or the comforting savoriness of miso soup sipped from a mug, soups have a knack for being exactly what an ailing body needs. (Fun fact: research has suggested that chicken noodle soup really does have the power to help cure sickness.)

Brothy soups are easy to digest and a snap to make at home—especially if you go ahead and stock your freezer with a few containers of homemade broth right now. You know, just to be prepared. Bonus: Soup is an excellent vehicle for vegetable odds and ends, noodles, dumplings, spice pastes, or anything else hiding in your pantry/fridge that needs to be consumed. Which means that with a bit of forward thinking, you can whip one up on the stove in less time than it would take to call for delivery.

So whether you’re feeling sick or just coming down with a case of the winter blues, here are 27 savory, brothy soups to sip on:

noodles on noodles

dumplings & the like

everything else

What soups do you turn to when you're feeling sick? Classic chicken noodle? A spicy tom yum? Tell us below!

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Tania -. February 5, 2018
Love all of these recipes and have made two since the article was posted. Even though I don't like an over-stock piled pantry or things haunting my frig or freezer, I STILL had everything on hand for both. I made the chicken and chickpea soup with Gondi last night and my house smelled great. Yes...last night being Super Bowl Sunday.
A great selection of recipes!
Ttrockwood February 5, 2018
Yes these would be nice to cook for someone who is sick, but as a currently sick person myself you have GOT to be kidding me. Most of these recipes have an involved ingredient list and certainly would take a lot of energy to stand and cook and chop- after getting back from the grocery store.
You should have posted a listicle of quick nourishing soups made with a few ingredients. I make my “i’m sick and feel like $it” soup from carrots, ginger, garlic, white beans and miso paste in maybe 15min. Aside from the miso paste i can buy the stuff at any bodega for about $5. That’s what sick people actually are able to make themselves.