A Step-by-Step Kimchi-Making Video We Never Want to Stop Watching

February  2, 2018

Earlier this week, I stumbled upon a video that I refuse to stop watching. Today, I’m happy to share it with you all here. The spectacle of the video—no, film—is almost too much for words. The beauty and serenity of this woman preparing kimchi is best watched, not discussed:

The five-minute video features our main character, chef extraordinaire, deep in the throes of a tireless and impeccably-styled pursuit of kimchi preparation, the staple Korean side dish. There are very few words spoken (none) but that doesn’t mean the video doesn’t warrant a listen. As film maker George Lucas once said, “The sound and music are 50% of the entertainment in a movie.” His sentiment holds true here—this video is ASMR sent from the heavens. Put those headphones in and crank up your volume. You’ll want to hear the crisp crackle of a napa cabbage being shorn from the earth, or the rhythmic chop the chef’s impressive blade.

The drama and the splendor of it all is a lot to behold. But behind the impressive production design is an important process at work. Kimchi is a procedure-heavy dish and as I watched the the labor necessary to bring it to fruition, I marveled at the process from start to finish. Who was this adept chef? Where was her rustic and beautiful kitchen located? What did the kimchi end up tasting like?

Unfortunately, I was unable to answer any of these questions, as all of the video’s accompanying text is in Chinese (a language I don’t speak or read). The video in question is but one of many in a Youtube account replete with similar videos. The same woman stars in each of them and prepares a bevy of dishes, each more delicious looking than the next—her commitment to technique is awe-inspiring. I know what I’ll be watching all weekend...

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Have you ever made kimchi at home? Did it look this elegant? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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Valerio Farris

Written by: Valerio Farris


Wow, I have been crazy about her videos and foods recently. She is really awesome. After watching her videos, I have never been more at peace. I was so so surprised about the foods she cooked. I read a story about her on a blog. That's also good and in-detail. I wanna share this with you who are interested in her stories. Just search Li Ziqi's Story - Who is She & Where Live & Age. You got to know more.
PS: I really love the beef sauce she made. I really really wanna taste it. I always love eating beef.
CATALINA M. November 12, 2018
Thank you very much for this lovely video.
I made kimchi about a month ago, it was great, I substituted some ingredients since were I live I can't find them all. The basics like the napa cabbage and the chili powder I have. The Kimchi is spectacular, good balance of flavors, texture and heat. It can be messy if you want, not for me. I used two napa cabbages.
Jared K. February 11, 2018
Would love to get one of those spade/knife/bench scrapper tools. Could see myself putting that too good use. I know a chinese vegetable cleaver is in a similar vein, but damn her's look awesome.
Gloria February 9, 2018
"Welcome to Li Ziqi Channel, "L ǐ z ǐ qī - 李子 柒" - The girl was an orphan, living in the country with the grandparents. She studied in the city for a while and worked. And she returns to the country and lives with her grandmother. Currently she makes a video of peaceful life in the country. Her video is related to cooking - traditional rural atmosphere, peaceful." This from her YouTube Channel which states the country as Japan
Dawn D. February 9, 2018
It is a beautiful video. Makes me wish I had 'Smell-O-Vision'!
Hae J. February 8, 2018
Do not be fooled by this video! When normal humans make kimchi, it is not a clean and austere process. It is messy. That is why Koreans usually make kimchi outside on plastic tarps. And a lot of other work is involved which you do not see here. Also, when you do not use rubber gloves when rubbing the spice paste on the cabbage, your hands will smell like garlic for days (not to mention the burn from the chile powder; this kimchi did not look very spicy). Just my two cents. From an actual Korean woman.
Nicole J. February 8, 2018
I don't think anyone actually watches it for that. These are watched for their beauty and serenity.
Katie February 5, 2018
You should also check out the Almazan Kitchen channel, which has innumerable, mouthwatering, meditative videos of food being prepared with their signature knife. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVVAnxQ2YMC_qlc7QfPA2YQ
Robert A. February 5, 2018
I'm not sure if people know but this video is Chinese. The video shows kimchi ingredients but the background is China and all the writing is Chinese. Whatever, it is a beautiful video ! i love it!
Michele February 5, 2018
i am going to get nothing done now watching these videos......so beautiful!
Stephanie M. February 5, 2018
I must know more about this woman! I’m binge-watching her videos, each one more beautiful than the next. She’s either a professional chef or a legit space alien, either way, I’m mesmerized.
Nicole J. February 3, 2018
Watching this is almost as good as watching the opening sequence in Eat, Drink, Man, Woman. And then of course I got caught up in all of her YouTube videos and had to subscribe.
Jan S. February 2, 2018
My husband and I watched this video, and we were completely mesmerized by it. Besides the fact that she's absolutely breathtaking, the scenery and watching her pick her vegetables, chop and cook is so peaceful. She's even better than watching Bob Ross! We watched several of her videos after that, and I had to subscribe just so I could watch the beautiful simplicity of them.