A Party-Friendly, Smoky, Spicy Dip You'll Want on Everything

February 19, 2018

Izy Hossack is the mastermind behind the popular blog, Top with Cinnamon. The talented recipe developer (and busy university student!) aims to create food with maximum flavor and minimum effort, without breaking the bank. Her second cookbook, The Savvy Cook, hits on these tenets and so much more. Meet Izy and read the story behind her incredible "chorizo" dip below.

Since going 90 percent vegetarian (I still eat meat or fish roughly once a month) a few years ago, I’ve found there’s not much that I miss about meat except for one thing: that umami kick it can lend to any dish. It’s especially noticeable for things like bacon and chorizo which, although you don’t need much of, can just elevate a dish and make it even more delicious.

One day at university, I was messing around trying to make a vegetarian Spanish chorizo. I’d seen people use wheat gluten to make meat substitutes, but I didn’t have any, so I ended up basing it on kidney beans. (Incidentally, I tried to bake some of it in a thin layer to dry it out into little bits, but that didn’t work at all.) I realized, though, that this chorizo-y bean spread I’d accidentally created was actually delicious just like that!

All the flavors of chorizo with none of the meat. Photo by Rocky Luten

While I was still perfecting this dip for the book, I lent the recipe to my brother so he could make some for his friends. He came back saying everyone was raving about it and wanted the recipe, but as this was before the book came out, it was strictly under lock and key. It became obvious once my book eventually came out that this was the recipe that people would remember; I was tagged in so many Instagram stories of people making and loving it for its spicy, rich flavor and ease.

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If you’re still not convinced, throw in some more chili flakes and think of it like a vegetarian ‘nduja―a super spicy, spreadable Italian sausage―and apply it as you would that.

Meet your new favorite (and versatile!) dip. Photo by Rocky Luten

It’s now a staple for me. I use it in the obvious hummus-like ways (dip for crudités or crackers, spread into a sandwich with roasted veg), but also in ways I’d have used chorizo: on toast with a poached egg, dolloped onto pizza, or into frittatas. It’s a crowd-pleaser which, after serving it at my supper clubs last summer, became dubbed THAT chorizo dip―a title I definitely think it deserves.

How would you use this delightfully smoky dip? Tell us below!

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    Camilla Rostin
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    Jessica Wade
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    Izy Hossack
Passionate about cakes, roasted vegetables and anything involving Maldon salt or maple syrup. Izy is a student living in London, UK who spends her spare time blogging and rambling on topwithcinnamon.com


Patty February 22, 2018
I would use it as a smear in a burrito! Breakfast, lunch,dinner! Or spread it on a tostada and top with a fried egg, cheese& green onion!
Camilla R. February 21, 2018
I tried this dip yesterday night...it was amazing! The fennel seeds are The thing! I toasted some pretzel croutons, spread the dip on top and garnished with roasted pumpkin, onion and crushed peanuts. To keep always in the fridge, thank you for sharing.
Izy H. February 21, 2018
So glad you liked it! The toppings you added sound incredible too, I'll have to try that out :)
Jessica W. February 19, 2018
Ermahgerd. I love the flavors of chorizo but have been cutting way down on meat. This looks amazing!
Izy H. February 21, 2018
Exactly, it's so good for that little bit of extra flavour in a sandwich or taco. Hope you enjoy it!