From Carnitas to Creamy Eggs, 16 Ways to Eat Tacos All Day Long

February 15, 2018

Is there ever a wrong time to eat a taco? I don’t think so. Whether you like the crunch of a beef-filled hard shell, or how soft corn or flour tortillas perfectly package everything from eggs to carnitas to flaky fish, there’s a taco for every taste. You could argue that any time is taco time because you can assemble them in a cinch—yes, you have to plan ahead if you're making something fancier (looking at you, carnitas), but a soft scrambled egg in a tortilla, topped with cheese, is there for last-minute sustenance. So, if you’re looking for ways to eat tacos morning, noon, and night, here are 16 of our favorites.

Tacos in the mornin'

Speed is the name of the game when it comes to breakfast tacos. We love pairing soft flour tortillas with even softer scrambled eggs and a kick of hot sauce. The more cheese the better.

Tacos in the 'noon

For lunch, you want tacos that can travel—think lentils, pulled pork, or hearty grains—and won't perfume the team kitchen.

Tacos in the evenin'

Feel free to get messy at dinner with bold, spicy marinades and tons of toppings. Save leftovers to make tomorrow a taco day, too.

Tacos for dessert!

You didn't think we were done, did you? It's not really taco time unless you end with a sweet treat. Stuff these shells with your favorite ice cream and sprinkles.

Or, you could do what Associate Editor Nikkitha Bakshani does: spread Nutella on a small flour tortilla, fold, eat.

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