Watch This Warm, Filling Rice & Cabbage Soup Come to Life

February 28, 2018

Marcella Hazan, the late doyenne of the Italian kitchen, never seems to fail us. The chef, who made it easier for so many to cook Italian food at home, knew how to simplify a recipe and render it accessible without sacrificing any of its, well, deliciousness. Take, for example, her iconic tomato sauce recipe. With just three ingredients, she was able to weave together a silky, sumptuous pasta topper that ranks as one of our site’s most visited pages.

Right behind that, however, is another Hazan classic: her Rice & Smothered Cabbage Soup. The dish is hauntingly simple in its preparation, with an ingredient list you can tally on one—yes, one!—hand, and is perfect for a cozy dinner at home. Make it before winter sputters out its final, icy breath, and relish in the close of another soup season.

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