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These Outdoor Accessories Are the Reason We Can’t Wait for Summer

Welcome to Your Home Outdoors, our summertime series on tips and tricks that'll help you live your best life outside―no matter the size of your space! So pull up a chair, grab a glass of something icy-cold, and join us.

As far as we’re concerned, the months that come after spring and before fall should be called “Outdoor Entertaining Season.” Okay, so maybe that doesn’t roll off the tongue quite the way “summer” does. But it accurately describes the best part of the warmer months. From backyard barbecues with burgers perfectly charred from the grill, to beach picnics with all the pasta salads, to parties in the park with veg-loaded sandwiches, and massive crudité platters served on the stoop, there’s really nothing so delightful as a meal shared outside, under the sun or the stars, the warm breeze blowing as you pour yourself another glass of rosé…yeah, you know exactly what we’re getting excited about.

It’s not just the pink wine that’s got us all pumped up. There are also all the tools we’ve been itching to pull out once the weather warms up. Because yes, of course we like to use all our pretty things...but also because these are our secret weapons for entertaining as gracefully as though we’ve been throwing dinner parties in the backyard all year long. To welcome Outdoor Entertaining Season, we’ve put together a huge collection of the handiest helpers we could find.

Emma Laperruque, Food Writer & Recipe Developer

Love Rug Waterproof Outdoor Blanket

It's the summer of the picnic! Or that's my plan. Hold me to it. This blanket keeps me and my rosé-salami-cheese feast (that's the only reason to have a picnic, right?) dry and happy, so we can spend all day in the sun.

Megan Güntaş, Digital Designer

Handwoven Picnic Tote

I want one of these picnic totes SO BAD. Reminds me of the traditional one my mom used for picnics we went on growing up, but in a modern style. The small one could double as my new stylish lunch bag that I take to work, too!

Josh Cohen, Test Kitchen Director

Nonstick Grill Topper

Grill anything, at any time! Nothing will ever fall through the grates of your grill again.

Cory Baldwin, Director of Partner Content

Ebru Print Melamine Plates

Walnut Garden Spade

I'm obsessed with these pretty, ebru-marbled melamine plates, each of which is inspired by a different writer. (They kind of look like the marbled paper you'd find on old fashioned books...right?) The only reason I haven't bought them is because I can't pick a pattern; they're all so lovely, and how can I choose between James Baldwin and Virginia Woolf? Maybe that's a sign that I should buy more than one, and mix and match my place settings as demoed in the photo.

Also, this might be the summer that I stop using kitchen spoons for window box planting and actually buy some garden tools! (Don't judge me, I live in New York, where we don't have backyards.)

Lindsay-Jean Hard, Community Editor

Citronella Hanging Coil

This citronella hanging coil is on my wishlist for this summer! I hate bug spray, so love the idea of something that can keep the bugs away and look like a decorative addition to my patio to boot.

Nikkitha Bakshani, Associate Editor

Food52 Serving Bowl by Jono Pandolfi

I know it's not only for the outdoors, but I love these Jono Pandolfi serving platters. They just make me want to have an outdoor party, make a salad, and, erm, buy a house with a backyard. #OneDay

Luz Ramirez, Marketing Manager

Insulated Slow Cooking Carrier

I'm professing my love for the Wonderbag! Not burning my lap, arriving with food at the right temp and it doubles as a pillow!

What are the tools you’re most excited to break out for summer? Let us know in the comments!

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