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9 Make-Ahead Lunches That’ll Be the Envy of the Office

June 19, 2018

I have great respect for Sunday preppers—people who divide big batches of vegetables, protein, and grains into perfect lunchtime portions a week at a time. But as much as I love the idea of using one day to take care of multiple meals, my commitment-phobic heart says “nah.”

Instead, I lean on two to three make-ahead dishes a week. It's still prepping, but bite-sized, night-before endeavors. In addition to picking sturdy meals that will last a day or two (or three), just enough time for me to not get bored of them, I keep recipes simple—under an hour—so my work-weary brain won’t balk.

Here, I’ve gathered 9 of my favorites that’ll have all your coworkers (even those Sunday preppers) eyeing your plate.

Hearty lentils bulk up this broccoli-carrot slaw. I cut the recipe in half and still had enough to make a week of meals.

Give your traditional egg salad a kick of warming spices and the bite of pickled red onion. Then, to really make the dish really come alive, add a sprinkle of cilantro. Bring the egg salad and bread to work separately, then assemble them together before you're ready to eat.

Freekeh is a whole grain that I love with my whole heart—it cooks in just 30 minutes and keeps a great bite (no mush!). This fresh fennel and mint combination is the perfect base for grilled chicken or fish; you could also top it with avocado or even an apple for a creamy or crisp contrast.

Salad smartypants EmilyC just shared a pasta salad even the mayo-haters will love. She starts with a peperonata—the combination of sweet peppers, onions, and tomatoes—and then adds creamy mozzarella, slivered almonds, and tons of basil to freshly boiled pasta. Buonissimo!

When you’re facing a hot, hazy, humid summer night, call on this 10-minute chickpea salad. Your future self will thank you. (Maybe just keep a loaf of bread at your desk all week...)

Squish this aromatic chicken salad between two slices of bread for a hearty lunch. Want more of a crunch? Toss in some diced cucumbers.

A vegan pesto that’s a love letter to peas. But don’t worry about it feeling flat. "The lemon brightens the pesto, the soba adds an earthiness, and the balsamic vinegar and kale bring a depth to the dish,” wrote recipe tester Elizabeth.

Only you will know that this salad comes together in just a few twists of the can opener. Play around with the herbs and spices if you like. Add a hardboiled egg or two to luxe it up even more.

A Food52 favorite from the early days. Amanda Hesser used to inhale this smoky salad during Tuesday photo shoots in her apartment. Now, it’s your turn.

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What's your favorite work lunch? Have you found a meal prep recipe you aren't tired of? Share below!

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