The 9 1/2 Most Popular Food52 Recipes in September

The dishes readers—and staffers—couldn't stop making.

October  1, 2018
Photo by Rocky Luten

At the start of each month, we'll be looking back at the most popular recipes from the previous one, stopping just short of 10 and giving you a helpful tip, technique, or drink instead.

It feels like just yesterday we were gracefully accepting the end of summer—and the beginning of September. I'll spare you the Earth, Wind, & Fire reference (please know that it's taking great personal restraint), but September, it feels like we hardly knew ye. Ye flew by.

Maybe that's because we spent the whole time in the kitchen, celebrating the opportunity (slightly crisper weather, for those of us on the East Coast) to crank up the slow pot, break out the fall flavors, and get our weeknight noodle on.

The following nine recipes were the most popular kids throughout the month—and it's never too late to join the popular group (hint: make one tonight!). As usual, we've also included a "half": not quite a full recipe, but a very useful trick, tip, or cocktail that readers loved.

Hang on, not so fast—you were promised one more half! Here's a tip to reduce your kitchen waste—and to ramp up the flavor in your brines, grain bowls, and salad dressings in the process:

A few more, for good luck!

What was the best thing you cooked or baked in September? Let us know in the comments!

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Kim K. October 9, 2018
That Lime Cracker Pie was a game changer! We loved it so much--as did our 100 closest friends. (Just kidding. But it did wow our crowd!)
GeekKnitter October 1, 2018
Those lemon bars are out of this world. I took them to a friend's house as my contribution to the potluck. I don't think I'll ever be allowed through her door without them again!
Author Comment
Ella Q. October 2, 2018
We loved them over here, too! The olive oil crust is unreal.
Kim K. October 9, 2018
I'll have to give those a try! They sound amazing!