Nifty Gifty Holidays

24 Wow-Worthy Gifts for Everyone in Your Work Family

The perfect present for every type of coworker.

December 10, 2018
Photo by Bobbi Lin

Welcome to Nifty, Gifty Holidays, our guide for all the little, magical ways we make the season sparkle. Today, we’re highlighting some of our very favorite goodies for everyone in the office. (You can still bring a batch of cookies, if you like!)

Whether you work in a cubicle, a classroom, at a cash register, or on a computer in a coffee shop, chances are that you sometimes rely on a colleague or two to help get the job done (or just get you through the day). There’s your desk neighbor who helped you with a tight deadline, the department head who brought you soup when you got a cold, the assistant who reorganized your mess of expense reports, the office coordinator who always orders your favorite pens. These are the people we turn to, the ones who know our birthdays, when our kid makes the soccer team, or that we really hate the sound of loud munching. And despite the fact that we spend the majority of our waking hours with our coworkers, it can be quite a challenge to find the perfect gift to thank them for all that they do.

While we're huge fans of whipping up treats to share, sometimes a little something extra is a nice—and unexpected—way to show you care. From mugs that keep fingers toasty for the early risers to a handy tool to help kick off happy hour, you want to give thoughtful somethings that show you've listened. To help, we’ve tracked down two dozen unexpected gifts sure to impress everyone in your work family.

The coworker who's a real early bird

The coworker who always brings their own lunch

The coworker who lobbied for a recycling bin

The coworker who plans all the office happy hours

The coworker who provides office treats

The coworker who deserves a little pampering

Tell us: What's the best gift you've given or received at your office?

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