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Our 10 Most Popular Recipes in February

February 27, 2021

February is the last full month of winter (huzzah!), which means our food was heavy on the comfort, much like a heated weighted blanket. These are the 10 new recipes that our community click-click-clicked on the most; 70 percent are sweet treats, from peanut butter cookies to cinnamon rolls, a statistic I’m pretty giddy about. So grab a glass of oat milk and let’s get started.

10. Miso Peanut Butter Cookies With Sesame & Chocolate

“These cookies have a lot going on, and that’s a good thing,” writes contributor Kiera Wright-Ruiz. Funky miso? Check. Gooey peanut butter? Check. Crunchy black sesame? Check. Melty pools of dark chocolate that I would like to dive into? Check.

9. Sticky Fish Sauce Chicken Wings With Peanuts & Herbs

This month’s Off-Script With Sohla was all about oven-roasted chicken wings, which used to feel second place to their deep-fried cousins. But no more! Start with this fish-saucy recipe, then try…

8. Sticky Pomegranate & Black Pepper Chicken Wings

These tangy, spicy chicken wings, inspired by fesenjan (aka fesenjoon), a northern Iranian stew. And no, the two tablespoons of freshly ground black pepper isn’t meant to be two teaspoons—it keeps things invigorating!

7. Flakiest Pastry With Apple Purée & Vanilla Custard

Not flaky, not flakier. Flakiest. This shattering pastry hugs apples and custard, but author Mandy Lee invites you to put it toward whatever you want: “Make individual hand pies, or even skip the filling and use the buttery pastry as a fancy topping for soups.”

6. Hong Shao Rou (Pork Belly Braised in Soy Sauce)

“The beauty of braised pork belly is that while the flavors are similar, everyone has a different way of cooking it, and every recipe you see will be a little different,” writes contributor Iona Brannon. Her recipe stars brown cooking soy sauce, fresh ginger, star anise, and bay leaves.

5. Raspberry & White Chocolate Tart With Cocoa Crust

A Valentine’s Day–inspired tart that you can and should make all year long. The chocolatey crust just happens to be gluten-free, much like the creamy raspberry filling just happens to have no dairy or eggs.

4. Perfectly Pillowy Cinnamon Rolls From King Arthur Baking Company

Soft, plush cinnamon rolls that stay that way for days. How? “The moisture-retaining powers of tangzhong, a technique you may have seen used in Japanese milk breads and other downy baked goods to achieve lasting moisture and softness,” writes Kristen Miglore.

3. No-Churn Chocolate Soft Serve

Every season is ice cream season. Especially when it’s no-churn. Especially when it’s chocolate. Especially when it’s boozy. Any liqueur will do the trick but, speaking from experience, Kahlúa is a good time.

2. Hot Chocolate & Halva Pudding From Benjamina Ebuehi

What happens when you pour a lot of boiling water on top of chocolate cake batter right before it goes into the oven? A Genius, gooey, fudgy chocolate cake, that’s what. Bonus points if you top it with No-Churn Chocolate Soft Serve.

1. 3-Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies

A very little Big Little Recipe, with no measuring cups or measuring spoons or even a scale needed. Just grab a jar of peanut butter, a jar of jam, and a couple eggs, and you’re ready to rumble.

What Food52 recipes have you cooked and baked in February? Tell us in the comments below!

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    Emma Laperruque
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AntoniaJames February 27, 2021
In February, I made these recipes from Food52 (not counting recipes of my own posted here, and 8 new recipes from other sources):

Savory Venn Pongal ; delicious (the curry leaves and cashews are absolutely essential),

Red Lentil Dal with Coconut and Curry Leaves ,
a favorite I've made many times,


Balsamic Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Mustard Vinaigrette Excellent. I'll make again.
Emma L. March 1, 2021
Yum—thanks for sharing these, AntoniaJames!