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Our Most Popular Recipes in January

January 31, 2022
Photo by Carolina Gelen

New year, new recipes. In line with this relentlessly cold winter, our most popular new recipes from the first month of 2022 are as cozy and comforting as the 54-inch body pillow that I just gifted to myself. So grab some hot coffee and fuzzy socks, and let’s treat ourselves to something good.

10. Nkrakra (Light Soup) With Chicken From Zoe Adjonyoh

The first Genius Recipe of the new year, from chef Zoe Adjonyoh—this brothy, spicy soup is just the ticket “anytime your belly, soul, and home need warming,” writes Kristen Miglore.

9. Birria Ramen

Another comforting soup, born from Yi Jun Loh’s cravings for “beautifully sloppy” birria tacos. Beef is leisurely braised with chiles and garlic, then put toward noodles instead of tortillas.

8. Green Rice With Jammy Eggs

For the next time you have leftover rice. It’s the newest addition to Rebecca Firkser’s budget column, Nickel & Dine (every recipe yields four servings for $10 or less—big wow).

7. Gong Bao Doufu (Kung Pao Tofu)

Inspired by the Sichuan favorite with chicken, this vegan recipe from WoonHeng Chia is perfect for a tired weeknight. Pro tip: Make rice in advance (say, over the weekend), then quickly reheat it while you work on the tofu.

6. Egg & Cheese Katsu Sando

From Chef Malcolm Livingston II (and his daughter Elli!). One YouTube commenter puts it better than I could: “Holy schmoley, this sando looks so delicious! That cheese pull when he sliced it open?! I was literally drooling.”

5. Potato-Leek Soup With Spiced Chickpeas

Yet another comforting soup because, ahem, January. This one from Chetna Makan has a soothingly smooth potato base, topped with spiced, crisped chickpeas and leeks.

4. Sourdough Kanelstang

Maurizio Leo describes this Danish bread as “similar to an American-style cinnamon roll,” but log-shaped and “gussied up with intricate cuts.” Name a better weekend activity—I’ll wait.

3. Chou Farci (Stuffed Cabbage)

Humble ingredients, dramatically assembled. Olivia Mack McCool makes this every year: “The instant you place it down on the table, you start to hear the ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhhs.’”

2. Cheesy Spinach Lasagna

Make it, of course, but also—it is proven* that even just watching Meryl Feinstein make this lasagna reduces stress.

*From my personal experience. Do with that what you will.

1. Éclair Cake

All the elements of a classic, chocolate-glazed éclair—reimagined by Carolina Gelen as a layer cake. And why yes, this would be wonderful for Valentine's Day.

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What recipes did you make in January that you want to make again (and again)? Let me know in the comments!

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