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11 Things Our Community Couldn't Stop Buying in April

Ceramic dinnerware, bathroom essentials, and a braided doormat—meet last month's best sellers.

May  2, 2023
Photo by James Ransom

April has somehow sped right past us and we're officially in May—summer is right around the corner and it's clear our community is gearing up for the soon-to-be season. To recap this year's monthly best-seller's lists so far: In January, it was all about soup. In February? Dinner party and storage accessories. March was a big month for table settings and dinnerware. Now it's time to see what everyone gravitated towards in April.

While some of our Shop best-sellers have stayed consistent throughout the year (looking at you, Casafina dinnerware and our Five Two dish rack), some new hitters have squeezed their way into the lineup this month—step ladders, doormats, and stackable glasses, to name just a few.

Curious to see what else made the cut? Here are the 11 Shop items you couldn't get enough of in April.

Photo by James Ransom

1. Casafina Modern Classic Ceramic Dinnerware, $74+

This dinnerware set has been a front-runner all year and we know why: Each plate and bowl is made from sturdy stoneware and finished with a silky-smooth glaze that looks and feels great. Buy it as a single-color set or in a pre-curated, mixed-color assortment.

Photo by Mark Weinberg

2. Dansk Købenstyle Saucepan, $48+ $45+

This exclusive saucepan is perfect for anyone who loves pops of color in their kitchen. With 10 colors to choose from, you're bound to find the right one for your home. Want an additional piece from the collection? Scoop up a butter warmer in a complementary color.

Photo by Ty Mecham

3. Blomus Sono Bathroom Accessories, $53+

Bathroom essentials like toilet plungers and brushes don't have to hide behind the toilet tank or under the sink. These minimalistic, modern Blomus accessories will seamlessly blend in with your bathroom design (and might even get you a few compliments).

Photo by MJ Kroeger

4. Stackable Bodega Glasses, $55+

Stocking up on glassware is all fun and games until you're looking for cabinet space to store them. Luckily, these glasses from Bormioli Rocco allow you to do both. Buy just 12, 18, or the full 36-piece set, and don't sweat about how you'll fit the new additions into your kitchen; they're stackable, making storage a breeze.

Photo by Ty Mecham

5. Mepra Italian Flatware, Fantasia Color Flatware Set, $100+

This flatware set is another repeat community favorite and, again, we're not surprised. Not only are they made from durable, lightweight Italian stainless steel, but their handles are coated in a resilient resin that will withstand dishwasher heat and years of dinner parties. (Plus, there's a lifetime warranty!)

Photo by Julia Gartland

6. Staub Cast Iron 2-in-1 Grill Pan & Cocotte, $480 $250

This two-in-one grill pan and cocotte bring a whole new meaning to one-pot wonders. It's 6.5 quarts, meaning it's big enough to hold your favorite soups, rice, or steamed mussels, while still being small enough to comfortably fit on your burner.

Photo by Rocky Luten

7. Hasegawa Lucano Lightweight Japanese Step Ladder, $175

With the weather getting warmer, backyard entertaining is back in action. This small step ladder can help you hang those string lights, bug-repelling coils, or lanterns.

Photo by Julia Gartland

8. The Rope Co. Braided Nautical Lobster Rope Doormat, $105+ $99+

Brush the dirt off of your shoes after a trip to the park, working in the garden, or just running errands with this braided doormat. It's available in nine colors and four different sizes, so there are plenty of options for every space.

Photo by James Ransom

9. Five Two Over-the-Sink Dish Drying Rack, $45 $30+

This space-saving drying rack has been a best-seller for years and clearly, that isn't slowing down. Not only does it serve its purpose as a roll-up drying rack, but it also doubles as a cooling rack and trivet. Anything else? Yes, actually: The utensil holder can be used as a mini colander.

Photo by Ty Mecham

10. MAWA Handcrafted Beechwood Hangers, $80+

It seems our community might still be in the thick of spring cleaning, because this set of handcrafted hangers was a big hit in April. Choose from four colors and six sets to find the right one for you and your organizational needs.

Photo by Rocky Luten

11. Neat Method Grid Storage Basket, $34+

On that same spring-cleaning sweep, these storage baskets have been flying off of our digital shelves. They're available in small, medium, large, or square and four different colors.

Have you bought anything recently that you loved? Let us know below!

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