Editors' Picks -- Week 24

December  3, 2009

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  • Amanda Hesser
    Amanda Hesser
  • Jennifer Ann
    Jennifer Ann
  • MrsWheelbarrow
  • AntoniaJames
  • wanderash
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Amanda H. December 3, 2009
Thanks to all of you for sharing your great and interesting recipes -- this is fun for us.
Jennifer A. December 3, 2009
Hurray,and thank you! This made my week. I am going to keep a lot of these Turkey recipes close by for 'Day 2' of the next rotisserie chicken. Tomorrow, I am making the dill rice with steamed fish for a few friends - it is sure to be a treat!
shayma December 3, 2009
am sure it'll be a lovely evening. steamed fish is always delish.
MrsWheelbarrow December 3, 2009
Thank you for the nod, A&M! I'm with the rest of the honorees - seriously considering another turkey just to make more of these recipes.
AntoniaJames December 3, 2009
What an honor this is. Thank you!! I'm with wanderash on this . . . . there really are so many great ideas here, I actually am going to cook turkey again this Sunday to create new leftovers to use!
wanderash December 3, 2009
Thank you for including me in the list of "Editor's Picks." These all look delicious. I might make 2 turkeys next year- one just to try out all of these recipies!
lastnightsdinner December 3, 2009
Hey, thanks, ladies!
shayma December 3, 2009
many, many thanks, amanda and merrill, for the "honourable mention." most grateful to be mentioned among such a lovely, talented crowd.