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In the Test Kitchen

March 28, 2012

Yesterday in the test kitchen was busy! You'll be seeing a cavalcade of celery Community Picks so soon, but for now here's a peek into our day:

Once again (remember last time?), the FOOD52 staff proves to be of one mind: our intrepid kitchen manager Jennifer and senior editor Kristen showed up -- surprise -- in matching stripes. Aren't they adorable? On the right, our photographer James Ransom does whatever it takes to get the right photograph. In this case, it's for a Kitchen Storage post next week!

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It was a day of snacks. Around lunchtime, we had planned to have ricotta (made by Kristy!) and sea salt on Pane Pugliese from Sullivan Street Bakery. Then came the gamechanger: with lemon zest left over from the kitchen and honey from the pantry, we had salty-sweet-tart toasts instead.

Not too long after, a curiously enormous radish materialized from the kitchen. (Kristy has normal-sized hands -- that radish is big.) Our solution? Slice it with a mandoline and make tartines with radishes, butter, and sea salt.

After a long day of cooking (can you guess what the above mise en place will make?) it was time to clean up. Fortunately, we had the two cutest helpers around -- Walker and Addie! -- and we finished in no time.

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