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We asked for your haiku, we read veggie burger-themed haiku, and the FOOD52 staff even threw their hats in the ring. Now it's time to declare a winner.

The only problem? You're all amazing! We couldn't pick just one -- and there's no prize, anyway -- so we thought we'd highlight all our favorites. You all blew us away with your eloquent words -- add "poet" to the list along with "home cook!" Would anyone be up for a week of limericks?

First, here's one about Amanda's Kids' Lunch (which, don't worry, will be back after Labor Day with the start of the school year):

Amanda’s Kids’ lunch:
Inspiring little meals.
Please pack me one, too.
- Loves Food Loves to Eat

There were many great odes to ingredients, including corn, lobster, anchovies, and kale:

Heirloom tomatos
taste better bruised and ugly
from the seconds bin.
- pizzamonster

Kale stokes my eternal flame--
Eaten everyday,
can't believe I've not turned green.
- LaVegetalFetiche

A vibrant red claw,
golden butter, paper plate,
sunlight bouncing off the waves.
- amysarah

The sweet corn trumpets
the collapse of the season.
Here comes the cider!
- Anavonne

I don’t know what’s up
with weird veggies, like ramps (what?)
I should try pickling.
- fancydoorbell

Despised by many
Belov'd by a select few
Anchovy, you're mine.

Blueberry pie like
sticky summer perfection.
Gone all too quickly.
- MirandaR

Including this unintentional four-part ode to carrots composed in sections by pizzamonster, Brette, Kenzi, and LLStone, respectively!

Carrots, carrots, carr-
ots, carrots, carrots, carr-... Yes,
my favorite snack.

Crunch crunch crunch. Sometimes
I like them with ranch dressing.
Don't tell anyone.

Or peanut butter?
Or maybe that means I don't
like carrots at all.

Roasted in Merrill’s
salad, they become sublime.
Crème fraiche truly rules.

Haiku recipes were popular, as well. Here we have Kim Boyce's whole wheat chocolate chip cookies, cherry pie, pasta, and beer:

Big, thick and chewy,
where have you been all my life?
Kim Boyce, I love you.
- mrslarkin

Water, hops and malt --
Throw open the abbey window;
Hark, fermentation!
- DirectHeat

For a pie, I'd pit
a thousand cherries by hand.
OK, a hundred.
- Sadassa_Ulna

A cup of flour,
two eggs. Mix with hands, knead, then
roll. Homemade pasta.
- rachelbirds

This haiku was so touching -- a memorial in 17 syllables:

Charlotte, tears fell when
you died; grown up, I wrap melon
in prosciutto.
- Eliz.

And finally, this gem of advice is timeless:

The only way to
learn to cook is by messing
up a lot of meals.
- fiveandspice

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