Community Picks -- Thanksgiving Turkey

November  8, 2012

Once again, we want to give a big thanks to all of our volunteer recipe testers for your thoughtful comments and for helping us continue to strengthen our recipe recommendations. You can read the winning headnote and tester's comments by clicking through to the Community Picks recipes — the comments are at the top. And even if the recipe you tested wasn't chosen as a CP, please feel free to leave your testing notes in the recipe's comments section. Constructive criticism is always encouraged!

Community Picks (Tested and photographed by us!)

Thanksgiving Osso Buco

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Turkey Schnitzel with Leeks and Butter Sage Sauce

Butter and Herb Roast Turkey

Community Picks (Tested by you!)

Special Occasion Turkey
Maple and Mustard Glazed Turkey with Killer Gravy
Tuscan Turkey Roulade

Photos by James Ransom

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QueenSashy November 8, 2012
Food52 folks, thank you for including my dish into community picks. And fearlessem, I keep on reading and re-reading your review of my dish, it feel so good, thank you! Whenever I am down, I will go back to reading your review... Cheers!
hardlikearmour November 8, 2012
Thank you editors and especially thank you Dawne Marie! Your review made my day, if not my week!
drbabs November 8, 2012
Sara, I tested your turkey, too. It was fantastic, and got us through several days of no power.
hardlikearmour November 8, 2012
Now my week is definitely made! Glad you had it to munch on during the storm. I hope all is well now.
Kenzi W. November 9, 2012
Don't thank us -- your recipes spoke for themselves!
Merrill S. November 8, 2012
What a gorgeous bird!
Karl R. November 8, 2012
Looks mighty tasty!