8 Alternatives to Green Beer

March 15, 2013

We're all about St. Patrick's Day: the soda bread, the potatoes, the corned beef and cabbage.

We just can't get behind the green beer.

Instead, we'll be drinking these cocktails to celebrate: cocktails that are still green, still spirited, still boozy, and -- unlike their bubbly counterpart -- delicious. 

Green With Envy by gingerroot

Green with Envy


Classic Daiquiri by Erica Kotite

Classic Daiquiri


Last Call by gingerroot

Last Call


Mint Limeade by vvvanessa

Mint Limeade


Basil-Vodka Gimlet by Oui, Chef

Basil Vodka Gimlet


Lemon Lime Margaritas by thirschfeld

Lemon Lime Margaritas


Lotus Cocktail by drinkoftheweek

Lotus Cocktail


Rosemary Gin Cocktail by Amy Stafford @ A Healthy Life for Me

Rosemary Gin Cocktail