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Too Many Cooks: What's on Your Kitchen Wish List?

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You'll be hearing from the staff at FOOD52 every week in Too Many Cooks, our group column in which we pool our answers to questions about food, cooking, life, and more.


We try not to be too high maintenance over here. When we don't have a tart pan, we hack one -- same goes for a salad spinner, a heat diffuser, and a grill brush. But there are some kitchen tools we're still pining for.

Luckily, Food52 will soon be opening a new shop, where you'll be able to find the kitchen tools and serving dishes of your dreams. In anticipation of the launch, we're gathering inspiring images and potential products on a Pinterest board curated by our super-stylish Provisions scouts. And, to keep the conversation going, we've asked our team:

What's #1 on your kitchen wish list?

Are you dying for a stand mixer? Looking for the perfect serving platter? Or do you really just need a knife that can actually cut things? Read our staff's picks, and share yours in the comments!


RyanA kitchen table! Our new apartment has enough room for one. I'm excited about our first home-cooked New York meal after almost 5 years of dining at the coffee table.

Maddy: A cast-iron bacon press, preferably vintage and in the shape of a pig. 

KenziMore counter space. (Any counter space.) 

Christina: A fresh coat of paint. HGTV has taken over my life. 

MichaelQuarter sheet pans. We used to have some, and they're so useful.


Lindsay: A cast iron skillet, a white platter, and a gigantic wooden bowl. (What? I can have three things that are all #1 on my list, right?)

Bryce: I'm with Kenzi. I have about one square foot of counter space. I have to roll out pie dough on the coffee table. 

Kenzi: I do it on a cutting board over the sink! And then I tell myself I'm better off for having to be resourceful. 

Ice Cream

Sarah J: I would like a pasta roller and/or an ice cream machine (and will be accepting donations). 

Stephanie: I need a new stock pot -- my last one is not in great shape these days. And pretty tart pans. Always pretty tart pans.

Jenny: Ditto stock pot. Also I want those pretty and cool modern stemless glasses for serving sparkling drinks. And you can never have enough wooden spoons. 

Amanda Li: Cute japanese soup spoons like these.

Peter: The sous vide machine I backed on Kickstarter that was supposed to arrive last December. And this past March. And this April/May. At this rate I'm hoping it will be here before the next baby!


Brette: The only thing I took back from Philly was my knife, so, like, everything.

Jennifer: A new blender. Any suggestions?

Karl: A kitchen scale. I'm still measuring my coffee and water by volume!

Lauren: A new backsplash (Christina will help, right?) and a torch for crème brûlée. Please and thank you. 

Beatrice: A deluxe smoker! And a landlord who would let me use one on my fire escape. Or maybe I just need a patio.

Will3D Dinosaur Cookie Cutters and a recipe for chocolate graham crackers.


Marian: Will, I see your Dinosaur Cookies and raise you a few Chocolate Chip Yogis. But really, I just need a good knife.

WillNinjabread men? Actually, I would really love a full set of Bodum, double-walled mugs and drinking glasses.

Amanda: A coffee grinder, because the hand grinder is difficult to use before I've had caffeine.

What kind of blender should Jennifer buy? What are we missing that's #1 on your list? Tell us in the comments -- and look to our new Provisions Pinterest board for more inspiration!

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