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Sundae Sundays: Everything You Need to Build the Perfect Bowl of Ice Cream

August  2, 2013

When you were a child, your parents' legs were tree trunks, crossing the road was scary, and there was nothing in the world more exciting than ice cream. And what could top a sundae bar? Your heart skipped a beat when you glimpsed a table lined with bowls of M&Ms, nuts, and fudge sauce, the big tubs of chocolate and vanilla (and cookies and cream, if you were lucky) standing guard at the end. 

When you're having a long Sunday (or Friday, or Monday, or Tuesday...), return to the unadulterated joys of childhood. It will make everything better -- at least for the moment. Build the sundae of your wildest childhood dreams starting from the bottom, with the ice cream base, and working all the way up to the cherry on top.

1. Scoop your ice cream (mixing flavors is permitted). 

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The Kitchn's One-Ingredient Ice Cream by Genius Recipes

The Kitchn's One-Ingredient Ice Cream from Food52

Naked Chocolate Ice Cream for Lovers by drbabs

Naked Chocolate Ice Cream for Lovers from Food52

Oatmeal Ice Cream with Toasted Walnuts by darksideofthespoon

Oatmeal Ice Cream with Toasted Walnuts from Food52

2. Choose your sauce.

Balsamic Butterscotch Sauce by mrslarkin

Balsamic Butterscotch Sauce from Food52

Magic Shell by MarianBull

Magic Shell from Food52

Miso Caramel by theminx

Miso Caramel by Food52

3. Top with all the good stuff. 

Sage-Candied Walnuts by cristinasciarra

Sage-Candied Walnuts from Food52

Moonshine Marshmallows by Caitlin Freeman

Moonshine Marshmallows from Food52

Chocolate Swirl Cinnamon Marshmallows by notlazy.rustic

Chocolate Swirl Cinnamon Marshmallows

4. And don't forget the cherry on top!

Grappa Cherries by jvcooks

Grappa Cherries from Food52 

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  • Marian Bull
    Marian Bull
  • Emma Wartzman
    Emma Wartzman
I used to work at Food52. I'm probably the person who picked all of the cookie dough out of the cookie dough ice cream.


Marian B. February 27, 2014
wow, just re-discovered this and am now watching that drake video for the first time, which is ridiculous.
Marian B. August 2, 2013
I want every Sunday to be a Sundae Sunday.
Emma W. August 2, 2013
Half the fun of eating an ice cream sundae is building one