Our 5 Favorite Thanksgiving Menus

November 20, 2013

If you haven't yet plotted out every dish you're going to serve on Thanksgiving, not to worry -- you still have over a week. That's plenty of time to menu plan with abandon, gather ingredients, and get to cooking (or do some serious delegating). For help with your menu inspiration, we asked our community members to showcase what they'll be serving, using our handy recipe collection tool. We would happily attend any of these feasts -- with gifts in hand of course.

Here are our 5 favorites (in no particular order). To view the full collections, click each image. 

Mrslarkin takes side dishes to a new level.

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Thanksgiving Collections on Food52

Cookinginvictoria brightens up her meal with tangy salads. 

Thanksgiving Collections

Stefan Zebrowski-Rubin succeeds in mantaining his own version of tradition, far across the water.

Thanksgiving Collections on Food52

AntoniaJames works Brussels sprouts seamlessly into two dishes -- bravo.

Thanksgiving Collections on Food52

EmilyC updates a few of our favorite classic dishes.

Thanksgiving Collections on Food52


 Tell us in the comments: What are you serving on Thanksgiving?


pamelalee November 20, 2013
What great ideas! I'm having problems, however, accessing mrslarkin's recipe collection. Clicking it leads to cookinginvictoria. Thanks!
Author Comment
Elana C. November 20, 2013
Sorry about that! Here's the link: http://food52.com/collections/1-thanksgiving-2013