Video: How to Roll out Pie Crust

December 17, 2013

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Today: Next up in Mario Batali's How To Tuesdays series? How to roll out pie crust.

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We've got you covered on how to make pie crust, we've talked pie fats and showed you how to make your pie pretty -- we've even gone the vodka route. Why go through all the trouble? Because, well, pie crust is flaky (pun intended). Yes it's glorious, and buttery, and quite frankly the star of a holiday meal -- but it also loves to stick to your kitchen counter, and burn around the edges, and occasionally ruin the filling that otherwise tastes sublime. So we're not cutting corners, and we're leaving no stone unturned. We have you, pie crust, down to your every crack and crevice.  

Today, we're rolling out pie crust -- and no, it's not going to stick. 

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This video was made in collaboration with Mario Batali.

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