Video: How to Make Pie Crust

December  3, 2013

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Today: Learn how to make the perfect pie crust with help from Mario Batali's How To Tuesdays video series.

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Compare the number of times you've had a flaky, buttery pie crust to the number of times you've suffered through tough or soggy crust. We're going to guess that mediocre pie crust dominates. And why's that? Because the perfect pie crust is the baker's white whale. Pastry chefs and home cooks alike spend years searching for the highest-quality butter, the handiest tools, and the most genius tricks -- all with the mission of pinning down the elusive, melt-in-your-mouth crust. 

But that's not to say you can't make great pie crust at home -- and you don't even need a food processor to do it. With the help of Mario Batali and his team of experts, you're ready to bake the pie crust to end all pie crusts. Follow along as pastry chef Rebecca Deangelis of Babbo Ristorante gets started making the ultimate, no-frills pie crust -- no heavy equipment necessary. Then, pile in the most delicious holiday fillings you can imagine.

Got anything you want to learn from the Batali chefs? Let us know in the comments!

This video was made in collaboration with Mario Batali.

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karen M. May 8, 2015
I am with everyone else. Only 1/2 of video showed, please finish this video. What we got was great!! but we need the rest,
rolandsilverstein July 10, 2014
Where is the video? Disappointing.
Frank June 15, 2014
I've tried to look at 3 of these lessons and I see no video at all.
Juanita D. December 12, 2013
Yes! Please finish it. My problem just begins with rolling it out and transferring it to the pie plate.
Marie December 10, 2013
Only half of the video played! Very disappointing!
Terry T. December 6, 2013
It didn't finish ! Need to show more, how to shape it and decorate the edge!