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How to Whip Your Kitchen Into Shape

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Inspired by conversations on the Food52 Hotline, we're sharing tips and tricks that make navigating all of our kitchens easier and more fun.

Today: Did your kitchen fall into disarray in 2014? Give last year's guide to whipping it into shape another look -- and promise to do better this time around.

The holidays are over. Yes, it's a bit of a letdown -- no more over-indulging in eggnog, spending all afternoon making Christmas cookies, or juggling dishes in and out of the oven. But look on the bright side. You can finally take a breath, enjoy the sudden quiet of the post-holiday calm, and take some you time.

Take a moment to prioritize what you want to do with the new year ahead. And definitely take some time to appreciate your kitchen: to thank it for the work it did to get you through the holiday season -- and to prepare it for the year ahead. Because it deserves a fresh start as much as you do. Here are our favorite articles to help you whip your kitchen into shape:

Whipping Your Kitchen Into Shape on Food52

  •  Does your kitchen look like a post-holiday war zone? Start here

  • Once everyone is fresh and clean, you can start digging deep -- and de-clutter. Yes, we know it hurts, but do you really need three shrimp de-veiners? Remember, a clutter-free kitchen leads to a clutter-free mind.

De-Cluttering Your Kitchen on Food52

  • Now that you've decided what to keep and what to chuck, it's time to make sure your kitchen staples are at their best. First step: sharpening your knives. Yes, this is absolutely worth doing. Sharper knives mean fewer slicing injuries, faster food prep, and more bang for your buck.
  • Next, make sure your knives have a fresh platform on which to do their work. Are your cutting boards dull, smeared with stubborn beet stains, and redolent of garlic? Here's how to freshen them up to their original glory.

How to care for a wooden cutting board on Food52

6 Uses for an Ice Cube Tray on Food52

  • Next, take out your linens. Are they stained with evidence of last summer's berry haul? Are oil stains running rampant on your dish towels? This year, let no stain go untreated -- start by learning these handy tricks for how to remove food stains.

3 Ways to Start Composting on Food52

  • If you want to go above and beyond, think about starting to compost. We promise you will feel like an incredible person every time you throw your carrot peels in the compost instead of the trash. New year, new you baby.

  • Are you harboring a drawer full of tattered, disorganized recipes? It's time to introduce a system for cataloguing your recipes

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