4 Wildcard-Winning Recipes

February  1, 2014

Every Monday and Wednesday, we announce a new Wildcard winner: a recipe that may not have been entered in (or won) a contest, but a recipe that we've tested and loved. Every other Saturday, we'll roundup the most recent winners. 

Thanks to our community, we've got four more recipes to add to our arsenal -- and we wanted to give you a second look. See below for our most recent Wildcard Winners, and get cooking!

Chicken Kiev by Bevi

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Chicken kiev from Food52


Sesame and Coconut Sugar Cookies by skylinetothesea

Sesame coconut cookies from Food52


Slightly Smoky Mixed Bean Chili by creamtea

Chili from Food52


Aged Cheddar and Pilsner Fondue by darksideofthespoon 

Fondue from Food52



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